Audiaudi a4 car 2008 model

H Oct 29, 2018

My car is Audi A4 2008 Model Plate No. 36472

Its Gear transmission stick sometimes is stuck when to shift from P and/or N

I take the car to the garage to fix it it remain there for about one month (January
2018) They told that it is switch problem that need to be replaced

Again same problem start so I take it back to the garage it remain there for more
than one week untill they told me that it is fixed

Again the same problem start again so the guy just inspect it and told me that it is

Finally the same problem start back so I take it back to the Garaage for which that
they told me that this is Selector leiper assembly fault and they want to charge me
about 3000 AED

Please clarify this issue

Thank you

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