AT&T / new contract with the purchase of a new iphone


After this consumer requested total disclosures of any AT&T promotions and discounts available to buy an Iphone the seller failed to disclosed that the store prices promotions and discounts may not match was available on line (saving this consumer $300 if the purchase is made on line thereafter getting a reward (Visa card) with the same company and for the same iPhone she intends to purchase in the store if the consumer is willing to buy the phone with a new phone number).

This consumer later learned when she returned home looking in the mail about the reward card.

Integrity and consumer education keeps consumers coming back but apparently the dealer prefers to not fully informed the consumer who relies on the information provided to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And once the duty manager was informed hours after the purchase the reaction is eventually all stores will be closed and all purchases will be done on line because I need to inform the team that we need to inform the consumers who enter in the store you can purchase the same item "cheaper" on line but that is not what this consumer is expecting just a simple disclosure our store prices may not necessarily match AT&T prices on line would have been sufficient after the consumer specifically asked to be properly informed.

I believe I was cheated out of the on line promotion reward card for failure of a proper disclosure and I will be chested if I return the phone for a restocking fee plus the credit given to purchase the IPhone is also needed to be transferred to a new line when purchase of the new phone line and who knows what else AT&T may want from this consumer I don't know but I do know a restocking fee should not be charged the credit used should be transferred to the new on line phone number and all the payments made for taxes paid.

INTEGRITY AND CONSUMER EDUCATION BIG FACTORS BUYING INSIDE THE STORE NIT LOOKING GOOD. Other companies will inform the consumer like car dealers they will even bring the vehicle from another state if the price is tight and helps the consumer as long as both the consumer and the retailer are fully satisfied with a purchase


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