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A tree limb fell knocking down all power lines and wifi lines on July 29th the light pole and power lines were repaired the next day. AT&T was supposed be repairing the outaged in our area twice and everytime someone came out they did not complete the job. I've had 4 service techs to come out and say that things were not fixed at the pole, AT&T was out here three times working on the pole and no one seems to get the job completed. They keep telling me the ser uces will be restored in 24 hours and it has been a full week. All of my neighbors services have been restored. For some reason, they refuse to get my services back up. They have several times. I have expressed repeatedly how i work from home and go to school online and need my internet services. They will not get it fixed.The service has been awful. I still dont have service and no resolution in sight as of Aug. 5th. Service tech was out today and still didn't fix it we made another call to att and was lied to buy a supervisor that another tech would be out between 7:15pm to 8:45pm when he did show we call back and was told that there was no service tech scheduled to come out I've had enough were changing service

Aug 05, 2019

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