On 9/10 my internet stopped working which also means my cable stopped working since it runs off my internet. ATT was notified via phone on 9/10 and scheduled a technician to come out on 9/11. On 9/11 a tech came out and was at my house for less than 10 minutes. He said it was the main line and he had to send out another department. He told us the issue would be fixed the same day which was 9/11. As of 9/12 the issue was not fixed so I call ATT. They told me the tech put the ticket in the system wrong and they would have to enter a new ticket and the issue should be fixed within 24 hours. On 9/13 (24 hours later) the issue was not fixed and so I called ATT once again. They could not find any ticket in my account and said they would have to create a new ticket. I spoke with a supervisor and he gave me ticket number A925R and said it would be fixed once again within 24 hours. Now it is 9/15 (48 hours later) the issue is still not fixed. Once again I have to call ATT and they said the ticket number I was given is not a valid ticket number and there is no ticket fir my account. I have now been without service for almost a week. I have 2 adults and 6 children in my house. One adult who works from home and has had to use her phone hotspot which is very slow. I have 3 teenagers who need to do school work from home and have also had to use their hotspots. I have spent at 5-10 hours on the phone with ATT to try and resolve this issue. This is the worst customer service I have experienced ever! I have ATT cable, internet, alarm and 7 cellphones. I will be looking for new services for all. ATT has no regard for their customer and clearly the employees have no idea what they are doing.

Sep 15, 2019

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