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On April 03 I received a flyer offering a promotion to bundle Direct TV & Internet. I called and asked if there was internet in my area since it is a new subdivision. I asked the representative to make sure I had service in my area because if I didn't I was not interested in any of the services. He assured me that I could get AT&T Internet and Direct TV so then I agreed to start service. He said I was going to receive a gift card for $100 dollars and went ahead to set up my appointment for the Direct TV installation and said that for the internet they were going to call me the next day. Nobody called me the next day so I called and I found out that there is no internet service in my area which means that the representative lied to me! He wanted to make a sale and lied for his own benefit!!! What kind of business is this?? This is unacceptable, unethical, just wrong!!! So now I'm going to pay more a month!! I'm very upset about this! I thought I was dealing with a serious company but obviously not. I called and complained about this and the manager I talked to was just like "oh sorry " but didn't offer any solutions. Once again he showed the lack of care and customer service. I'm a realtor and I will make sure I tell all the people I come across to make sure not to use your services. All my clients that buy houses from me will hear about the terrible service and lack of professionalism you guys are all about.


Apr 18, 2019

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