AT&T / direct tv, u verse internet, and a land line that i've had for 30 years. packaged service for $89.99 month that i'm not getting!

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AT&T called us repeatedly to sell us a packaged set of services. We finally accepted a package for 3 services for $89.99 per month. Direct TV, U-Verse internet & phone with unlimited long distance. I got Direct TV, U-verse internet for $89 per month, and I;m still paying $54 a month for my landline, that we have had for 30 years. I've made 7 calls in the last 3 weeks, with each one lasting at least 3 hours. Talked to Direct TV, AT&T combined billing, loyalty department, U-verse regarding the phone service. Telecom regarding my landline, to no avail. You should have never sold me a package that you could not honor. I've talked to so many people and been switched to so many departments I am just, stunned that you would treat me this way. You offered 3 services for $89.99 a month and I expect you to honor that what ever it takes. I'm tired of not getting anywhere with your glorious company. Fix this or come and take your equipment out of my house and shove the $450 Direct TV disconnect charge. When I talked to Direct TV, they said that they would have a collection agency get their money instead of just taking care of the problem you collectively created. Nobody seems to want to fix this so I can do it easily. Take care of this problem or we are gone. Never been treated like this by any company. We are home most all day. Can't believe it has to come this far!
Timothy Foster
136 9th St.
Silvis, IL 61282

Jun 20, 2019

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