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I called Direct TV to TRANSFER our service from Stockton to our vacation home in Volcano. This would entail cancelling our service at the vacation home (which did not have a DVR). We wanted to take the DVR with us and connect it to our Direct TV service at our vacation home. I was told this was possible. BUT when we tried to hook it all up, NOTHING. A technician had to come--and he said the service in Stockton had been CANCELLED--and all my prerecorded movies/TV shows had been lost. At no time did I tell AT&T to cancel that service--we only wanted to TRANSFER IT. Now I get an ad in the mail asking us to come back to Direct TV. WE NEVER LEFT!!! There's an offer for $35/mo to come back to AT&T. Since you were so dumb as to cancel that service and goof up my DVR, you might want to give us this rate for awhile. We aren't really happy with Direct TV (it's WAY too expensive), but it's better than cable :-(

Wayne & Cheri Peterson
22270 Copper Court
Volcano, CA 95689

May 30, 2019

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