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AT&T/Direct TV / complaint

1 United States

My service has been crappy anytime it rained, snowed or the wind blew. Every channel would flicker in and out or totally freeze. Once the storm or weather was done it would return to normal. We recently had a wind storm with gusts up to 75mph. During the storm we lost a few channels and was receiving the 771 error code. I called the day after the storm to see what I needed to do to fix it. It was only affecting my living room tv. All other tvs in the house were working just fine. So the lady on the phone had me restart the box and a couple other things that did not fix the issue and then tells me that my cable is shot and I need a tech person to come out and fix/replace it. Tells me first that I need to either pay a 1 time 99 tech fee or pay a $9 a month protection plan. I asked what for, I was told that I owned the cable and had to pay for them to fix it because it wasn't AT&T's equipment. She proceeded to tell me that when I had direct tv installed that I paid for the cable and the remotes. So I agreed to the $9 a month fee and told her I would be cancelling the protection next month. I did not have $100 to pay a one time fee and am glad I didn't for the 5 mins it took to fix my issue. She proceeded to set up a time to have a tech come out, she gave me Monday or Thursday during the day. I explained that we all work during the day and that no one is available to come sit at my house for 4 hours or take off work to sit around. Told her I was done at 3 and could be home by 3:30 if the tech could wait until then. She told me she couldn't guarantee that and that they would call me before they came out and if I wasn't available I would have to reschedule. So Thursday morning I called and rescheduled my appointment as I knew I wouldn't be able to make it between 12 and 4 and the gentleman offered me the option of Friday morning or Saturday afternoon. I asked why I wasn't given this option to begin with for a Saturday cause I wouldn't have had to cancel. He said he was unsure cause they offer Saturday's for people who can't do it during the week. So Saturday arrives and my tech guy showed up a half an hour early which was great!! He came in and was very professional, took a look at what was going on and informed me that it wasn't my cable line it was actually my antenna that needed to be adjusted and fixed. He went outside and got on my roof and within about 5 to 10 mins he was back inside and put my channels back on and everything was fixed. Since he has been out I realized that this has been broken for awhile because for months I was losing channels, any amount of weather disrupted my service and this has been going on for over 6 months. And since he fixed whatever was broke we have had no issues during any kind of weather and we had severe rain and win again Saturday night. So my complaint is that 1. I was not offered a Saturday option for a tech to come out and was pretty much told to either stay home from my job or find someone to sit at my house for 4 hours cause there was nothing else she could do. 2. That I was forced to sign up and pay for the monthly protection service to have a tech come out to fix equipment that I don't even own. 3. I don't understand why I would buy cable and remotes when this service was installed, but the rest of the equipment is Direct Tvs? And why I'd get charged for anything faulty with any of the equipment? I pay a monthly fee to have a service and if it's broke I shouldn't have to pay to have it fixed. Which in this instance it clearly was the weather that caused the damage and had been broke for sometime and I have complained about that fact when I have called and complained about the rise in my price for service and nothing was offered or done then. For both my service and my price. Thank you in advance for handling this matter and correcting the situation. I pay a lot for a service that hadn't been working properly for months and when I call to get it fixed I'm not given the best options to rectify it and it ends up costing me more money. That is not great customer service and I have had numerous issues since ATT&T took over direct tv. I've been a customer for a long time but am looking at other options if things keep happening. Thank you again.

Mar 12, 2019

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