American Telephone And Telegraph / 1) promise not fulfilled as promised, 2) stop outsourcing

1)Told by two persons on two different days the $30 activation fee was deleted and I would not have it showing up on first bill. First bill had activ. fee included. When I called they told me(3rd person)that I was not given whole info, that the promo that had been on since last year was still on and that you get $30 off activ and another discount of $30 more, but both won't come off until 2-3 months later.
2)Please consider to stop out-sourcing to other countries. The English when speaking to is poor, and if try to chat the grammar is poor also and makes for difficult understanding, and non-answered questions! I asked to speak to person in USA, and they said it was not allowed by contract. They said if I called back I may or may not get a person in the USA. I have to say T-Mobile has you beat! I was just reading about their assigning customer service to USA REGIONS, where when you call you get to talk to a person in your region of the USA, and they won't out-source, plus there are no PHONE TREES, you get to talk to a live person right away! THIS makes me want to change over NOW to T-mobile! I'm still considering it! I've been a long time AT&T customer, but you really need to fix this problem, or you might be losing more customers besides me. The only thing keeping me here for now is trouble of trying to get 2 devices switched over to new carrier, but I'm still considering this.
I hope some CEO of AT&T will read and consider this, even if I don't ever hear from such a person, maybe this can help them consider making changes in the future to their Company.

Aug 16, 2019

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