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For Christmas I took my 2 sons to Costco to the AT&T station to let them pick out their new phones. The AT&T representative sold my boys on the blackberry pearl. I requested insurance (because they were for 2 BOYS) added the extra's my boys wanted and after 1 1/2 hours later, we left the store. 1 month later my youngest son lost his phone and when I went to the AT&T store to have it replaced I was not only told that I never had insurance on the phones but these phones WERE NOT INSURABLE from the get go. I am so angry that AT&T who boasts on their website of integrity, values and treating customers with respect would misrepresent their products and then do NOTHING to help correct the situation. I am very unhappy with their customer service.


  • Al
    alicia27 Dec 15, 2009

    Yes she can.She can go to I just used them because AT&T SOMEHOW LOWERED MY MINTUTES! and i was charges $300 in fees, but i filed a cell phone/wireless complaint form and got $300 taken off my bill. I totally agree with you, but your the consumer, the power is in your hands, use it! soo go to!
    good luck!

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  • Ap
    applejuice100 May 30, 2010

    that's why you should never go to costco for your phones because the employees at costco aren't at&t should have gone to a corporate store to get the right information. That's not at&t's fault, but costco's fault for giving you the wrong information

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  • Ce
    Cell international Nov 16, 2013

    AT&T is the worst! Be aware of how they avoid giving you the full information when signing on. Although AT&T had a worse than others deal on minutes and data usage for subscription, I signed on as they had that big push and commercials about how they let you unlock the phone when going to Europe. I before finalize purchase at several occasions asked to confirm I can unlock the phone when travel and they said yes, and did not inform about any conditions attached to unlocking. Well as it turns out, first time I called prior to my August vacation they informed I had been in my subscription for 3 months yet therefore could it not be unlocked. Now when I 6 month into my subscription call, they inform I can only get it unlocked if I terminate my contract, with a $275 fee!
    I want to make everyone aware, do NOT choose AT&T, not only are they more expensive, they are dishonest and does not fully inform you if you ask questions! I can not recommend AT&T to anyone!

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  • Ma
    Martina Vaslovik Mar 31, 2019

    I had AT&T phones for years, and never had an issue until recently, when GPS stopped working on my phone. It's vital for me to have GPS for my job. So I took my phone to an AT&T store, and after waiting for it to open late with only one employee there I was given a run-around about my problem and no help at all. So I went to a second AT&T store, where again there was only one employee working, and she had a line of people waiting for her. I could not wait, I was working, so I left. The next day I went to yet another AT&T store, where again there was only one person working and a line of people waiting. I waited as others gave up and left, and was finally told they could not help me because of their rules on my plan. That was it.

    I went to the new Verizon store half a block from my home and got a new phone, at a better rate and dumped AT&T right then and there. The Verizon store was a huge contrast to the AT&T stores, they had lots of people helping their customers and I was greeted warmly as soon as I entered, then helped in short order. I left happy with my new phone that works. I do not recommend AT&T to anyone. Their service is lousy, and they do not support their customers. If you go to their stores you will wait a very long time just to talk to the one person working there. That's just unacceptable in my book!

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  • Um is not an answer! Mar 31, 2019

    Children need jitterbug El cheapo phones for emergencies only. No need for bells and whistles. No insurance because "they are boys". No get out of jail free cards.

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