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I planned to leave the country in a day, so I contacted an AT&T support service to cancel all my plans at the end of the current billing period, which would be in 5 days. I was assured everything is settled. However, I haven't got any post call mail notifications or any emails proving the service would be cancelled.

After a week I checked myAT&T and saw that a new billing period started, and all services are still on. I had to call them again, I was told that the service was scheduled to be cancelled next month and a new bill will be generated and sent to me. They cancelled the service the same day, but couldn't stop the bill. I was advised to call them back (3rd time!) when I will receive the bill and TRY to do something with that bill.


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    9wood Sep 13, 2018

    that's at&t for you keep paying us and we may do our job
    that's all they care about being paid

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