ATT Uversenever had the service but still billes and cannot stop it

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My friend told me about att uverse so I thought I would give it a shot. I setup an appointment to have it installed. The instalation guy came out on the date promised. They did a check on my wall outlets to see if I had a griounded plug for the equipment. I live in an old house that does not have grounded plugs. They told me that they would have to refuse me service. I said fine because I was having seconed thoughts anyway.

That was it so I thought. A few weeks later a get a bill in the mail for service. I called att&t customer service to explain to them that I never had the service at all. They said don't worry about it they see that I don't have any of their equiptment or service and they would take care of it. No big deal I thought these things happen and it is fixed now. A couple more weeks pased and I got a bill again for service! This has been going on for 5 months now! I just looked at my american express account and guess what? Yes they charged my credit card for the bill and service I never recieved! I was stupid and gave them my credit card on sign up.

I have made atleast 50 phones calls to them over the last few months trying to get this resolved. Every representativetells me that my account shows that is closed but I continue to be beilled for a service I never had! Help! How do I end this nightmare?


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      Dec 04, 2009

    Don't call customer service anymore, they are ### underlings who have no authority and no knowledge of anything except how to waste your time. Go straight for the throat, put them in hot water, and it will be solved as though someone waved a magic wand. Try to document all the times you called them and what dates and if you have the info - who you talked to. File a complaint with the BBB immediately using the $ amount you are disputing, also report them to the PUC Public Utility Commision for this (what they have done with you is far worse than normal). And if you don't see results right away report them to the attorney general of your state. Hope this helps - ATT U-verse has wasted dozens of hours of my time with their service, so I am trying to band together with other victims of their crappy customer service and FIGHT BACK. Hope this helps

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      Feb 03, 2010

    We had at&t dsl internet and phone service and direct dish tv service. They told us they'd give us the bundled package. It would cost us $109.00 a month. Well it ending up altogether costing us 177.00 a month even with so called 200.00 rebate.e finally dropped phone and internet service and hooked up with Bright house. They also charge you modem rent $10.00 a month didn't tell us that. They find every little thing to charge you extra for. When we dropped them we called them twice to find out who we sent the modem back to. A few days later we got a program to self load a program in computor to start all over again. The second time we got the run around from this person to that person and got disconnected finally. We called back again and finally a Filippino answered the phone and gave us a e-mail with the shipping label and explained how to and where to sent it by mail to. Finally after much wasted time. I would advise anyone thinking about AT&T forget it. Another thing our so called high speed dsl was super slow and didn't work half the time.

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