AT&T Uverseequipment return

K Oct 25, 2019

I cancelled my account after it was shut off on new years eve of 2017, the bill was apparently over due. I paid the account and when it had happened previously it was turned back on soon after. Nothing happened after a couple of hours so I called customer service. I ended up on the phone with a woman from most likely India. She was trying to shame my about being up so late ( I worked until 10:00 and that was none of her business. She said no one was available to restore the service. I was quite surprised because I thought this was a tech company. After going around and around I said, just cancel my service. It's not worth it to me...etc. So we went through that process and I gave her my email address so I could get the return address label. I did not receive it. I called them to have them send it and make sure they had the right email...I still didn't get it. I've gotten calls from them, still no return address label. I'm about to ship this box to the address on the collection notices I've been getting. I feel like it's total retribution by them. I haven't had cable or wifi for coming up on two years and I still have this junk in my house that they expect me to pay for! And there is no way to find a return address anywhere, I have been searching the Internet forever.

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