ATTunethical behaviour

R Jan 11, 2020

In September, I called ATT customer service and asked whether an android phone I was looking at on Amazon would be compatible with my ATT plan. I was told by the representative that she could offer me a Free I-phone 7 by just paying the tax and making 3 payments. I would then be getting a refund of those 3 payments on the next bill. I repeated back what she said twice and then agreed to the deal. A couple of days later I called ATT again and asked about my Free phone. I stated the terms of getting this phone to this person and was assured it was coming. I called back again after I got my first bill and noticed it said 1 of 30 payments. On 10/24/19 I talked to a Carlos who transferred me to a Pauline who transferred me to a supervisor named Jenize . The offer I had accepted I was told then and only then was dependent on adding another line of service. This was NEVER stated when I oringinally accepted the deal. If I had know this I would have bought the Amazon phone. Jenize said she would take care of the situation. When I called back again about my FREE phone I was told that after the 3rd payment, the payments would drop off. This person's name was Ann and she said she lived in the Phillipines. On 12/14/19 I called again because a 4th payment had been taken out and I had been assured that there would be no more payments. I talked to a Roxanne, Diana, and a Tammy(id#TD084U). She gave me a case#CM20191214_[protected] and said it would be cleared up by the 24th of December. I called back on 1/10/20 and asked to speak to a supervisor. The first one I talked to was Jacob(id#JJ324Y) then Christina(id#CL1790). I was told that my case had been rejected. I asked to speak to their supervisor whose name was Odane(ID#OR261S). I wanted to know if he was going to honor the agreement I made with the ATT rep a few months earlier. He said he wasn't because I didn't have a line added to my service. I explained AGAIN that I was never told this originally. I told him I felt like I had been lied to. I said ATT lies, do you lie Odane? His response was"Yeah I lie."I know I would get in serious trouble if I said that to someone I was waiting on. I told him that we were done and disconnected the call. I plan on going on social media and reporting this to as many sites as possible. My wife wants me to report it also to the BBB and the attorney general's office. If you want to contact me my e-mail is [protected]

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