AT&Tinternet service

F Oct 28, 2019

AT&T current bill issued 10/15/19 unexpectedly increased by $33.11. Invoice displayed reason due to removal of a "$30 off promotion having a 12-month duration (expires Mar 19, 2020)" with a vague/cryptic note: "Promotion removed on Oct 15 - previous credit reversed".

The promotion has been in force since April/May and is plainly documented to end 3/19/2020. After multiple, lengthy conversations with eight AT&T representatives, without justifiable reason why the promotion, was "removed", this action is a breach of our agreement.

There is no doubt, had I, arbitrarily decided to reduce the amount I was paying AT&T it would be considered a breach of our agreement. This change by AT&T is arbitrary and thus a breach that cannot stand.

  • Updated by FinethingsABT · Oct 28, 2019

    Simply the worst. Everything you have heard about AT&T is true. They lie, have poorly trained representatives, do not honor agreements and stand ready to fleece customers at every turn. Go with ANYBODY else!!!

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