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I contacted an AT&T service representative, via a phone call, and signed up AT&T services which included two wireless cell phones and Direct TV. Billing for these services started on June 1, of 2018. For the plan that I selected, the two wireless phones were to be a total of $84, 52 and the Direct TV $40, for each month of service. I asked for the billing for these services to be bundled together and auto-paid out of my checking account. The Direct TV billing was not bundled as I had asked it to be and I had to pay the Direct TV using my credit card until AT&T could combine both of these accounts together. I did not receive a contract regarding these services even though I asked for a contract, which included information for the services that I receive. I had asked for this contract and explanation of services when talking to the AT&T representative when I signed up for service.
Out of my checking account, my phone service was paid on the first of each month, June, July, and August. The Direct TV service were paid via credit card, over the phone, because there was no billings from Direct for the first two months of service.
On August 12, AT&T generated an off cycle billing for $262.17, of which $92, 17 was for Direct TV and $165 was for wireless phone service with an additional charge of $5 for Account Charges. The $262.17 was taken out of my checking account on August 20, 2018.
Since my wireless account was paid through August and Direct TV should also have been paid through August, I have contacted AT&T regarding my complaint regarding this off cycle billing of $262.17, which I contest.

During the past two weeks, I have spent over five hours talking to or waiting to talk to account representatives from AT&T wireless and Direct TV without resolution for the $165 in additional wireless charges. I was able to resolve the billing with Direct TV. I am asking for your help and guidance regarding this issue.
Robert Wilmot
977 Old Sundance Rd
Moorcroft, WY 82721


  • 9w
    9wood Sep 07, 2018

    think you will win the lottery 500 times before at&t / direct tv will help or care
    they will make any lie or scam to get you in a contract than your just a disturbance to them
    scripted non answers
    I would file a complaint with the better business bureau
    rather odd how they just take out money for things already paid

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  • Si
    sickheadache Sep 11, 2018

    I just filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau. AT&T/DirectTV keeps sending me monthly bills and I quit them back in June! They are scam artists, for sure! I have called them countless times to no avail. The last bill they told me to send back all the equipment which I did the first of July!

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  • 9w
    9wood Sep 11, 2018

    @sickheadache yes they will try to get you to pay even when you don't owe anything
    good luck with the better business bureau
    any calls to at&t/ direct tv will just be a waste of your time

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