AT&T DSLat&t dsl sucks

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I got pissed at comcast for raising the prices on their services every 3 months, for over billing me several times and for the idiot customer service personnel. I switched my tv and phone service to ATT and kept the Comcast internet service. I am very pleased with the ATT dish network….off the hook….I don’t really use an ancient technology like the home phone but it was required for service, I can call 911. Serves its purpose. So 6 months later I get my comcast bill and it’s doubled per month. I was paying a “non promotional” $33.00 a month that went to $65.00 a month. So after talking with friends that have ATT DSL I went ahead and switched. Hey, my dish tv kicks ### so why shouldn’t the internet service? My friends have no problems with their DSL. From day 1 I have had shabby ### service. Having to reboot my modem at LEAST 10 times within 2 hours worth of internet time. (Takes 5 min or more to reboot). I’ve gone back and forth with the “finely - American - slang - educated, born with an operator headset fused to his ear “Joe” from Dallas India who answers to Ramesh.” (Who actually sounds like Beaker from the muppets on riddlen). Anyway all of the things that I have read on this thread about ATT DSL are true….DON’T DO IT! Comcast internet is WAAAAAY better. About 7x faster than the fastest ATT DSL speeds. (the actual speeds, not the advertised ones). That is of course you can afford a 1 Terabite per second +$3000.00 a month internet bill….like Bill Gates can….then go DSL.

ATT DSL has become too big too fast and does not, and will not in the near future, have the technological infrastructure to meet 50% of what it promises. That’s why the farther you are from the servers, the [censored]ier your service. The reason why you have to reboot the modem constantly is because you are getting blacked out because there is not enough room for all of the customers to be online. When you reboot the modem it pings the server and the server will re-initialize your connection to try and make you happy. But it will soon intentionaly kick you off the net again. Think of when cell phones were just getting affordable for everyone to buy, remember the service? Same thing here. If you want streaming video, are an online gamer, or download anything over 35mb,
[censored] AT&T. I said it!

I have never had that problem with Comcast. If I’m gonna put up with ### customer service, ignorant tech support and Ramesh from the telemarketer spawning land of India, I would rather do it with a service provider that is way more stable, way faster and way more expensive….COMCAST!


  • Ke
    Kelley Jones Royball Jan 21, 2009

    Please instruct me how to obtain my reward credit for my modem. I am unable to obtain credit, now they want to bill me for the modem. They tell me the only way I can get credit is to log on. Unable to do so. Please help!

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  • An
    Anna Mar 11, 2009

    Go to center, type your phone number, and what type of customer you are. Then see the rewards you are able to apply for and fill out the necessary information for the reward. You should then receive a confirmation emailed to you.

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  • Sp
    speedy May 14, 2009

    Don't even get close to these fraudsters: they are real cheats, you can sign up in the store but you cannot un-sign-up, and though they promise you the money back they won't give it back to you. Oh, and they're technically incompetent, and at least one of their managers is a ###. 'nuff said?

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  • Sa
    San Francisco resident May 14, 2009

    I 've had too many horrible experiences with AT&T.
    Yes, big yes, AT&T Sucks!!

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  • Pi
    pisseedoff Aug 12, 2009

    AT&T is back in the stone ages. Just look at the current [protected] speeds for DSL. Now look at the prices. Total ###in ###. 40 to 50 bucks per month for what? 6 Mbps while Cox cable is overing 20 Mbsp at 43 bucks per month with almost 2 Mbps upstream.

    This ###ing blows away DSL.

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  • Gh
    ghekko Nov 24, 2009

    Ive said it before and I'll say it again. Cable companies may provide better service for the same or better price but ultimately at&t is the backbone that hooks all the cable companies together. If we lost at&t the internet as we know it may and probably would cease to exist.
    Verizon piggybacks off of At&t just like everyone else, while launching ad campaigns designed to rob more customers off of an already frustrated at&t customer base. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Verizon wants to devour At&t in order to become basically the master in control of all land and air communications lines worldwide. I know it sounds like a plot line to a cartoon villain but it's the truth. I figure it won't be another three years until Verizon completes the engineering of At&ts' demise and suddenly you're paying skyhigh prices for whatever access you can get (much like the Europeans). It will probably be around the same time that due to other nationwide and worldwide events that the flag we have lived under for two hundred years will be taken down and someone else's will be put up. Gotta lotta naive people in the U.S. A lot.

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  • Se
    SERA Dec 11, 2009

    ATT DSL totally sucks! I have had this for about a year just becuase of the hassel of switching but i'm tired of it. this is it. I'm going to switch cause every night the internet is ridiculously slow!

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  • Ch
    CHUCKeR6 May 28, 2010

    A little background. I live in a small town 30 minutes from the twin cities, We are one of the few towns that still use a co-op cable company and that being said they only offer 2mbps down and 512kbs up which isn't even a choice for me because I'm an online gamer. So i decided to go with AT&T DSL because well that is my only other choice. From the get go I have had problem after problem with having to restart all my equipment and when i call in the customer service reps always give me the same run around. "your router is the cause", "your vonage is the cause" after playing this game for about 45 minutes and telling them i am by trade a Networking Tech they will finally do some "test" then tell me to restart my router. Well after 4-5 weeks of doing this they finally told me they would send me a new modem which guess what? It did nothing... Then when i told them they need to dispatch a tech or i'm switching to cable they finally do and they tell me i have to be available from 8am-8pm giving them a 12 hour window. WTF is up with this company. you'd figure being as big and powerful as they are they might be able to give you a 2-4 hour window and have a tech show up that's not stoned off his a$$ (not knocking it but save it for after work buddy).

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  • Ge
    Genesis1111 Jul 03, 2010

    I just got my internet service through ATT a couple of days ago and I am already getting kicked off the internet on a constant basis.

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  • Aa
    AARRGGGHHHH!!! Jul 20, 2010

    I love the challenge of seeing how many times my internet connection is disrupted while I am trying to do business from my home office. Since I have VOIP, my clients have the additional challenge of trying to HEAR ME when we talk on the phone, since the upload speed peaks at crap. Stay away...far, far away from AT&T.

    The worst part of it is that I am stuck...I cannot determine which is the lesser evil. I am holding out for Clear...they have a circle of four houses in my neighborhood that cannot pick it up. Hoo rahhh!

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  • Iz
    izzy68 Jul 30, 2010

    We've had AT&T DSL service since Jan. '10. It took them 3-4 weeks to successfully install it. To this day, we have not had one straight week without problems. It goes out at least once a day if not more.
    We both work from home but are forced to drive into the office most of the time to get anything done. It's a big joke back at the office where no one else has this problem at home!
    Seriously, this is 2010, this should NOT happen!!!
    And I totally agree with the India comment. So frustrating talking to someone who's pretending to be in the states and has no clue as to what I'm saying!!!
    I am so ready to give it all up and go back to Comcast.
    Yes, it's expensive and their billing sucks, but at least then I can be sure my internet will be working when I get up in the morning!

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  • Ex
    Exitof99 Aug 17, 2010


    I just spent 1.5 hours on the phone trying to accomplish two things:

    1. Ask why the static IP wan't static and to make sure that I get a static IP

    2. A credit for the order placed 26 days ago for the static IP.

    The first 25 minutes I went through the rigmarole of just trying to talk to someone and find out why the static IP wasn't static. As a result, I'm locked out of servers because my IP changed, which is a serious problem.

    They admitted to fault, that the static IP was never applied. I then said that I need the IP activated. They transferred me to a recorded message saying, 'An error has occurred in transferring you, please call back again.'

    So 25 minutes gone by and I only have an answer as to what happened. I call back and straight in to the same garbage. I told them I just need two things, which you the reader see listed above.

    Eventually, around the 1 hour mark, I was told the IP was ordered. I then pressed my luck and then asked for a refund for the original static IP that was ordered. About 15 minutes later, someone explains something about how it wasn't charged and was going to be charged on the new bill to come.

    I then said that I've been on the phone for an hour and 15 minutes, I've lost productive time for work, the static IP situation is disrupting my work, and that I want a full month credit for service. The representative said that she can't do that. I said give you your supervisor.

    While waiting on the supervisor, another representative answered. I explained I was waiting for a supervisor. This new rep asked me to explain why and I had to explain the same nonsense for the umpteenth time. I was forwarded to a voicemail message for someone whose voicemail box was full and given the options:

    Press 1 to disconnect or Enter another number.




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  • Fr
    freshtuna1252 Aug 20, 2010

    For a month now, AT&T DSL has been randomly disconnecting 25% of the time, lagging to 56kps 25% of the time, and not connecting me at all 25% of the time, I tried to complain but their automatic answering machine doesn't recognize the phone # I'm using for my service. Customer service online is even more worthless. I bet the only way I'll get to talk to a human being is to call and cancel my accounts at AT&T.

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  • Cn
    cnet2000 Aug 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    SWITCH to DSL EXTREME... They are awesome... just go to

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  • Ag
    AgentTellah Sep 07, 2010

    ATT is a horrible company. I am going cable. 60 bucks a month will be worth it. ATT gave me a 2.0 connection to start and at best I only seen 1.5 for 1 day and the rest of the time it was 1.0 so they "lowerd my bill" by charging me 60 bucks instead of 35bucks and now I am running under 500kbs and paying 30bucks for 1.0 speeds that I never see. ATT is a horrible company and I wish I could kick it in the [censor]!

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  • Pi
    pissedoffplenty Oct 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Of course the AT&T DSL service sucks. I know someone who worked at AT&T was changed over from a telephone repair man to a DSL tech. They sent him for two days with another DSL repairman for training. He was shown a total of 4 repairs and then he was put out on the street to repair DSL. WTF...
    Then after 90 days when he could not meet his quota of repairs they canned him. WTF WTF...Not only do they not care if their repairmen get training they really don't care if their customers DSL is getting repaired correctly. And then they are severely overcharging for this wonderful service.
    He worked at AT&T for 15 years and never called in sick or was late even one minute and they canned him for not being able to do a job that he received almost no training or equipment for. They should change their name to AT$T cause money is all they care about.

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  • Ma
    Matt S 2011 Jul 18, 2011

    ATT DSL is absolutely absurd. Not only does my connection go out 5-15 times a day, but when I try and contact Tech Support about it, you have to sit on the line for 45 min each time.

    Initially they told me they were sending a repair tech to check things out and asked if I could be home for that. I took the day off of work to be there and never received a call or confirmation. Apparently they did come out and "Found a
    problem with our line outside". So they left and called it good.

    Not even a single bit of improvement was made with the connection so I wait 45 min and call Tech Support again. They tell me that they have me set on a 3.1 MBPS line instead of the 7.1 (6mbps) package. I told them that I wanted a full refund on whatever the difference was for the past year and a half of being charged improperly.

    So I decided to call the billing department and low and behold, in 3 days of trying after work for an hour each day, I could not get through. I do not have time to call them while I'm at work and I had already taken one day off.

    This is not the end though. I call tech support back infuriated about the situation and they tell me that they will send me a new modem to try in case the seriously intermittent issue persists.

    I receive the modem a few days later, install it, wait 40 min and speak with tech support, get it up and running to find out it's even worse than the first modem. Now they are sending another technician out (taking another day off work) to check the line and equipment themselves.

    The sad thing is, the 2nd modem that they sent me has not ran above .98 mbps since I installed it. At least my other intermittent modem ran at 3mbps...

    Lets see how much failure they can commit tomorrow when the tech arrives. I work as an Avionics Technician and I do all of the Technical Support for the product we manufacture and sell. I am constantly dealing with tech calls and the service I've received from AT&T has been nothing less than horrendous. How they even stay in business, I do not know. The customer service alone is driving me to Cable... when you top it off with a less than sub par product, it's almost a no brainer.

    Hopefully this helps prevent someone from making the same mistake I have, and as the saying goes, "Misery loves company". Glad I'm not the only one out there experiencing this most frustrating experience.


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  • Tc
    Tcom_Master Jul 04, 2012

    My ATT DSL is not all that slow WHEN I can ge it to connect. The latency on the link is SO SLOW that most of the time any link times out before connecting! I changed over from Cox (who also suck, just not as bad and mostly for expense) but will change back IF ATT ever giges me the rebate they owe me for the modem (four months now). I will never give ATT a chance again!

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  • Aa
    Aaa111 May 11, 2013

    AT&T dsl home Internet really suck. I have done everything from unplugging to getting a tech guy to come out, but yet it still didn't solve anything. By the way the problem with my Internet is that it keep coming on and then going off. I can't even watch a YouTube video or check my email. I really fed up with this service. I switching over to Internet provider that doesn't quit on me. Thank a lot AT&T for providing a ### ### service.

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  • Tr
    trailer000 May 11, 2013

    What are you a lazy trailer trash that need YouTube?

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  • Ly
    Lydia Reed May 12, 2014

    I have only been on the internet about 5 days and it sucks it is so slow it have my head hurting trying to connect also they told me my first bill would be about 80 dollars and i just got a bill [after only 5or6 days]for 168 dollars i paid 100 dollars before they came out i havent been on the internet in 2 days because it sucks s u c k s S U C K S

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  • Ga
    garystan Jul 22, 2015

    I've been having dropout problems with my internet for the past month-and-a-half. I scanned my computer, and found no errors or viruses. So I know that things on my end are okay. After all this time ATT still can't find the solution as to why I'm having dropouts. Unfortunately, it takes more than one person to get any action to be taken against ATT. I'd start a petition, but there wouldn't be anyone with cajones to stand up to ATT and sign the petition !!! Yes, I'd LOVE to see ATT's business license revoked !!! But, one person alone can't do it. It takes a "group" of people to start an action. Yes, I'm VERY dissatisfied with ATT. But, I can't do anything by myself. I can't get an "action" going by myself. People in the U.S. grumble and complain, but they don't have the cajones to stand up and do anything!!!
    Gary Stanullwich
    [email protected]

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  • Ic
    iceman4all Mar 15, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In my experience all the big companies especially the Cable TV, stelaite and internet providers have gotten fat and too greedy off the hard working American families. As for a reliable high speed internet provider the only one out there worth considering is the Verizon fiber optics, sadly it's not available everywhere, which is why I had to go with the ATT which worth crap if you catch my drift. There should be something a consumer can do to end this monopoly and getting robbed by this big fat cats.

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