AT&T Directvdirectv accounts mismanagement

M Dec 21, 2019

Re; SUSPENDED Account [protected] Carroll, [protected]. [protected], Florida. [protected].

We live in England but spend 3 months of each year in Florida. For 12 years, since 2006, we've enjoyed DirecTV for THREE MONTHS of each year have successfully suspended the DTV service between April and December each year when we return to England for 9 months. We have been aware since 2006 that DTV's suspension Policy only lasts 6 months max (DTV Rules), so each October (the 6 month deadline) we have had to re-suspend DTV until the date we return in January each year. No real problem for us until this year.

In April 201 we settled our DTV account leaving it in CREDIT by -$63.54 and suspended the DTV service until our return in January 2020 - or so we thought!

On 25th October this year, the day before the 6 month reconnection date, I called DTV, but was told to "call tomorrow to re-suspend". I contacted again on the 26th October and was told that our DTV service had been successfully re-suspended the service. On an email dated 25th October DTV sent an email with confirmation that our DTV service is suspended until 28th January 2020. A few days later I received a bill showing the correct opening balance of CREDIT -$63.54 but a small charge of $10.59 apparently relating to a short period when the service was incorrectly deemed as being 'in use', so I contacted DTV to have this charge removed. I was given the 'runaround' by DTV because various people who wouldn't or couldn't explain how this charge had happened - and after hours on many Chats was told it couldn't be credited. When I re-suspended the DTV service our account was, at that time, IN CREDIT by - $63.54.

A few days later I got a bill for $238.00 showing the CREDIT balance had disappeared. On 9th December 2019 I then received another emailed letter saying our account had been closed - we had been 'terminated', without our knowledge or agreement.

Our Credit balance has apparently been removed by currently ongoing charges, which cannot be stopped even though I have written evidence dated 25th October confirming the re-suspension until 28th January 2020.

I've spent many hours during December on various CHATS (up to 3 hours on one occasion), but they all say the account is open, running and can't be closed until I pay the ever-increasing illegal and illicit ransom. It seems the DTV service has been re-connected and running at around $20 per day, even though we are in England and the DTV box and TV are in our vacant shuttered up Florida home???

Yesterday 20th December I CHATTED to two DTV reps who were very polite and tried to understand the unusual problems. They revealed that one of your DTV CHAT reps Jorge has reconnected our DTV service without our knowledge, or agreement, and that illicit charges were mounting up. Jorge then went on to CLOSE OUR ACCOUNT, again without our knowledge or agreement. We then used the TV chat service to reinstate our account, but because many illicit charges were racking up due to DTV Jorge's incompetence, nothing could be done to rectify the mistakes due to the high level of fictitious usage that has (or stiull is) racking up in during our absence
I have spent around 13 wasted hours CHATTING to DTV staff to no resolution whatsoever, so I'm bringing considerable evidence over to the USA next month (January 2020) including written transcripts of hours of wasted Chats, copies of DTV confirmation of re-suspension dated 25th October, a copy of DTV closing our account without reason or our knowledge in the hope that I can get some sense by telephone when we arrive. DTV Chat staff seem totally unable to resolve these continuing DTV errors of mal-administration. They seem incapable or blinkered to the unreasonable situation that DTV has created and that seems to be getting worse by the day. They each finally suggest that phone a DTV 800 number but I am not prepared to spend hours on an expensive chargeable (800) International phone call to get nowhere with this ridiculous situation.

We have no intention of paying DTV anything between April 2019 and January 2020 as we regard our DTV service as suspended. We require reinstatement of our CREDIT balance of $63.54 and hope to get some sensible solution to this ridiculous situation that DTV mal-administration has caused. We are prepared to continue with DTV service once all fictitious charges since April 2019 have been removed and our $63.54 credit has been reinstated.

If DTV decide they will not co-operate with our fair and reasonable request and then re-connect us when we arrive back in the USA around mid to late January, we are prepared to argue our case in court if necessary. We will bring the written evidence for such an unwanted action and will demand that if DTV wish the matter to be dealt with in court that the case must be heard in Fort Myers County Court. We return to the USA mid January 2020 and will require DTV service to be resumed continuously between January 20th 2020 and a date in April 2020 when we will be returning to our UK residence.

To assist you in understanding this incredible DTV administrative mess, I am happy to send you copies of some of the evidence we hold proving our case. Please request further info if you find your records too complicated and confusing.

Yours sincerely!

Michael & Janetta Carroll.
[protected]. England. [protected]

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