AT&T dba Direct TVfailure to return my credit amount

G Oct 26, 2019

Direct TV customer for several years. During that time I was signed up for autopay with no problem. A few months ago I began receiving bills from AT&T for my Direct TV service When I get bills, I pay them. So I paid them. They kept billing, I kept paying, for about 6 months. Whille searching my bank records I discovered they had also been taking the payment out of my bank account. By this time I had a credit of over $600.00. I called to request the money back and they refused saying they would just take my future payments out of the credit. I said NO, I want my money. I talked to several different people, many in foreign countries, and got a different story from each one. All requests to speak to someone "higher up" were denied. I was told...1) my service was cancelled and would get a refund in 6 to 10 working days. After that I received another bill. 2) They would refund me with a MasterCard gift card. I said NO, I want my money. 3) The last person assured me I would receive my refund within a week. That was over two weeks ago and still no refund. I want my money now! It is now about $650.00 due me.

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