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C Nov 05, 2018

I contacted AT & T on 10/31 via the web portal at My AT&T.
Spoke with Jessica who was sympathetic to my issue and offered a good deal of information in resolving my issue. She suggested I contact Customer Loyalty as we have been AT & T customers for better than 20 years with cell phones, internet & U-verse. I asked her if needed, could I get back in touch with her? Jessica said yes, and I was suppose to ask for her when I logged back in. I have copies of our email exchanges from the AT & T portal.
Then I did a little looking on the web site and then tried to contact Jessica again as I was instructed to do.
I went back to the AT & T web page and entered to web portal again and got Steve. Asked if I could be transferred to Jessica. Per Steve "For the moment I'll be the one assisting you". I said "thanks but no thanks, we had a lot of info we discussed. You just made my decision to leave AT & T and go elsewhere. That is what we were discussing earlier today". Steve asked if he could transfer me to Customer loyalty?'. I said "No thanks", Steve responded with "No problem", he said "If you want to cancel your services, you may contact our cancellation department with number 800.288.2020. They are open Mon-Sat 8AM-12-AM ET.

Now it is Thursday Nov 1. I called AT & T at 11:51 AM and spoke with Ryan and he was really not to sure what he could do so after an 18 minute conversation our call ended in frustration. I went through the entire issue and my email exchanges with Jessica. This call started at 11.51 AM and last for 18 minutes.
We went to one of our local AT & T stores and spoke with Greg who basically laughed at me and said he wouldn't do anything such. I turned to the manager Jim and he just backed him up and had that dumb look on his face as I let loose with customers in the store. Got back home and called Customer Loyalty later that night at 7:59 PM and spoke with 2 other service agents and expressed my disappointment and I wished to speak with he supervisor. I was told after a 34 minute conversation I would get a return call this evening still from a supervisor. At 11:30 PM I went to bed and NO CALL!

Now it is Friday, Nov.2. I called Customer Loyalty at 8:24 AM and spoke with a woman but did not write down her name. I explained what has transpired and I did not get the call back last night as promised.
She confirmed that those notes were in my file and apologized. We spoke for 25 minutes as she confirmed the conversation I had with Jessica and Ryan the day prior but cold not offer any help but explained some of the sales going on right now.

We went to a different AT & T retail store Friday night and again the worse customer service ever. Would not even listen and walked away.
I got on the phone and contacted Customer Loyalty again, 7:17 PM. Spoke with a young lady who was of no assistance and was transferred again to some one who was of no assistance and transferred again to Paul. Paul listened and said "you wont need to talk to anyone else, I am the top of the chain and he would resolve the situation. Well guess what, he couldn't. (In the meantime, my wife is now talking with Taylor in the store trying to find something that will work.) I asked Paul for his supervisor and he heed hawed around until I finally got to speak with Nancy. While speaking with Nancy and going thru the details and talking to Taylor (Nancy also spoke to Taylor), Nancy made us an offer. I did not understand all that she said but we had a verbal agreement and I asked her to call me back in 5 minutes so I could discuss this with my wife. Nancy then transferred my back to Paul to review this and to make sure he had the proper number to reach me. He also spoke with Taylor from the store in which then our conversation ended. we waited for Nancy to call back and guess what, again, NO CALL. I was on the phone again with AT & T for 63 minutes. after not getting a call back I called again at 9:57 PM and no answer, office closed. I am okay with that.
Now we are at Saturday morning, Nov 3. I called AT & T at 8:16 AM and spoke with Ann and she helped me hook up my old Samsung so at least it would receive phone calls and text messages.
She also worked on trying to get the email & calendar working as this phone doubled as my work phone. After 1 hour and 46 minutes, my old phone would ring and I could get new text messages. But no email, no text messages prior to the phone not working, no calendar. I had a phone that did less then the first phone we bought from AT & T in 1997. but I had a phone and I was grateful. Ann was suppose to call me back at 12:00 noon my time as she was going to work on the emails and calendar. 12:00 noon, NO CALL, 1:00 PM No CALL and so on...…………
Now we are at Monday Nov.5. I called AT & T at 10:31 AM. spoke with Chen, Carmen, Fernandez, Sergio. Now I am being told that there are no records of my conversations from Friday night with Paul, Nancy & Paul. This conversation lasted for 1 hour and 26 minutes. again no where. I asked Sergio to go back and please read the file that was started on 10/31 and then listen to the recorder copy of our phone conversations to confirm what Nancy had offered us. Guess what, there is no record of our conversations and they really do not record the phone calls. SO here we are, my notes, my copies of my exchange thru the AT & T portal, a AT & T employee form a store that will back my story of the conversations from the past Friday night between Customer Loyalty, myself and him but I am told it does not matter. I have learned that the people you speak with on the phone do not have real names, you can not get back in touch with them, that can not let you speak to the last person you spoke with because they really don't exist (even when you have their employee ID#), they don't keep the recorded calls when it is convenient to them, the notes of conversations do not exist, and no matter what you are told by a person from Customer Care, Customer Loyalty or conversations thru the web portal are all wrong. they do not know what they are talking about and we don't have that offer and we never do that and their is no one to speak with. It is a game of miss-trust, lies, FRAUD and 100% fake. I even tried to get in contact with some one at the corporate office in Texas but guess what, there is not a live person to speak with.
Now I have some decisions to make: how far and where to I share all of this info with, to whom I contact next and what will be the outcome?
Have been with AT&T cellular since 1997 and U-verse and Internet for at least 15 years.

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