AT&Tcharges on closed account

S Jan 22, 2020

Switched service to another company; HBO disappeared, no cell service in Maine and CS rep told me the $10.00 bundling of services was never applied to our account over the years we were enrolled. ACTUALLY YOU OWE ME MONEY! Time to cut ties with you and I did. All services were switched to my knowledge. I rec a bill and was locked out of my AT&T port. I could not verify what the bill was for. An invoice finally came via postal mail and I paid it. Now I'm told the iPad is still being charged. What kind of company charges for an iPad when the customer called to tell you they are unhappy and going to switch, and they do, but leave an iPad open? I will tell you 'NO ONE'. It is drastically apparent the iPad was not supposed to stay active! After visiting my local storefront and calling the CS department from there, I am told the bill is still owed. I don't think so. Please remove any outstanding charges to our cancelled phone package and send comfirmation. Lisa Anderson 256 Town Hill Road in Terryville, CT 06786

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