ATTbilled 3 months consecutively for restore of late pay.

E Dec 31, 2019

October 2019, I called att about billing, told i had to pay to restore service, so np. I don't get my SS untill 3rd, of each month; and i thought my bill wasn't due untill the 17th. Eitherway i paid to keep my bundle. The billing He, said was in error and my cost is $109.??
Regions Bank has all my transactions, if you need more info on the money...
Nov. 2019, told to pay restore fee but less charged as it was a mistake; taken care of, and told once more that my cost is only $109.??...BIG difference!
Now Dec. 2019, banking show 2 payments for this month. I've had technical issues for a week now, so i have disconnected service of the phone, only thing is He says I have to pay restore fee again this month, less phone service; brings me to one hundred dollars to pay for jan.2020. We never recieved our rewards cards either. Can you plz help me fix this problem? The account is in Erica Hubbard and she is my grand-child, the att account was to teach her in time; as I paid her bill always, and I'm sorry for these situations have not been what I had hoped

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