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N Dec 11, 2019

10/25/19- called to cancel ATT Direct TV, was told my bill payment has been posted until 11/17/19. They do not give refunds. Early termination fee will apply $160.
10/28/19-(Miles)called, asked for final bill and box to return device, was told an email will be sent with that information.
11/6/19-called(John) didn't receive email, asked for final bill and box to return device. Was told cancellation fee will be $80. and box will be sent.
11/25/19-called because I received bill, for another month, told them i cancelled a month ago, was told to disregard bill, was a mistake.
12/10/19-called ATT again, on phone for 3 HOURS, total spoke to Olga, Arvi, Paige, Ann, Mike, and Wally. All very unqualified, incompetent and all have ZERO knowledge on what to do in their roles. Paige, Ann Mike and Wally unfortunately for customer service positions sounded very uneducated and plain ignorant, to add to that, they were rude. I have never dealt with such stupid people who are supposed to be Managers, their lack of training and people skills definitely showed, it was very sad to see. When they admit to the issue being ATT mistake and then say sorry this has happened, you were told the wrong information in the past 4 phone calls, but too bad, you have to pay for service you didn't use. NO CUSTOMER should be on the phone for 3 hours trying to solve a problem that was caused by ATT in the first place. Thankfully, I was then transferred to another department, spoke to a nice lady Dawn who transferred me to another nice woman Bobbie who explained the issue and gave me a partial credit because of the HUGE LIE I was told by ATT in the first place. If I charged ATT for my time in all this, they would be paying me. This type of business is very unethical and should not be able to do business.

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