Asurionphone replacement

C Jul 01, 2019

I initially called Asurion for a phone replacement because I lost my phone during the World Pride parade in New York. I borrowed a friend's phone to call Asurion on 06/30/19 at approximately 12:30PM. I was advised by the customer service agent that I had to file my claim online. I've used Asurion as my phone insurance company for more than eight years now for myself and my family, for different devices on my Verizon Account and this is the first time I was advised to complete the claim online. I assumed this was a new policy and had no obligation.
On the Asurion website the company advertises "Next-day replacement" and "Easy claims" that you can File online 24/7 in less than 10 minutes. However, they fail to mention to file the claim online, you have to print out an affidavit and take a photo of your ID and provide a fax copy or you can attach the copy on their website. I don't have a phone, thus no internet access; I don't have a printer, nor do I have a fax machine. I had ask someone if they would allow me to use their phone, to call a friend to ask them if they would allow me to use their internet and printer in their home.
I was finally able to complete this alleged "Easy Claims" process at approximately 11:46pm on 06/30/19.
I called out of work because the majority of my work is through telephone. I go to a friend's once more that following morning to access their internet because on the Asurion website once you complete the claim you are advised that you will receive an email once your claim has been reviewed within 3 hours and then you can complete your claim process.
Around 9:00 am the following day 07/01/19 almost 10 hours later, I did not receive an email that my claim had been reviewed. I call the company again, with my friend's phone and ask why my claim has not been reviewed.
The customer service representative informed me that the department that does the reviewing part of the claim is open between 8am to 7pm and they did not review my claim yet and I would have to wait until they did. I advised the representative that I understand that he is doing his job and that I'm not upset him, but I am upset with the new level of difficulty and increased amount of time the company has created to file claims. It was easier for me to file a claim as a customer in 2011 then it is as a customer in 2019, which did not make any sense. The service I am requesting from Assurion is not free, I pay $9.99 monthly and I'm about to pay $200on top of that to replace my phone. Why am I being given such a hard time for a service that I am paying for?
I asked the representative if I can speak to someone in regards to the amount of time it takes to file a claim.
This new representative informed the same information as the previous representative, that the claim reviewing department working hours is between 8am-7pm. I advised the representative that it was after 8am.
The representative proceeded to put me on hold and contacted the claims department and my review was complete and I was able to order my replacement phone with representative on the phone.
In conclusion, I have had Asurion for about 8 years, this is the first time that I was given such a hard time. I don't know if filing the claim online is a new policy, however Asurion have to realize that when a customer looses their phone, all the online steps they want them to take become difficult, especially when their phone is their only access to the internet. Asurion should also advertise that their claim review department is open between 8am to 7pm, so if something happens to your phone outside of those hours, your claim process time will be extended. If I didn't do a follow up call, who knows how long this process would have been.
I imagined my grandmother who is not tech savvy, being told to print out an affidavit online to submit her claim, to replace a phone; she wouldn't even know what to do. The advertised "easy claim" process that takes less than 10 mins is deceitful.
I am currently looking for a new company to insure me and my family's future device, with an actual "easy claims" process.

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