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Assurance Wireless review: Schok volt sv55 just arrived and is unresponsive in less than 24 hours..

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Assurance Wireless is my secondary line for emergencies and my original phone with them was a UMX.. I've had it for a year now but it's gotten very little use because it does not work well with the visually impaired..

I was contacted by Assurance for my one year anniversary and told I was eligible for the Moxy with no strings attached as a gift.. But when I called to claim it, they tried to force me to alter my current plan.. I refused but they said I would be getting the Moxy anyways.. After over 2 weeks without a new phone being shipped, I called and got told that I couldn't get the Moxy without changing my plan.. So I was told I could get the Moto G Pure.. I received spam calls afterwards and when I called to find out what was happening, again — I was being bullied into tryna upgrade my plan.. I refused.. I was told the phone I chose was out of stock and not to send me anything until the phone I chose was available.. They disregarded my wishes and send me the Schok Volt SV55..

I decided since I had the phone, I would go ahead and try to set it up in case it was an improvement from the UMX.. At first, I was pleased but that didn't last long.. I haven't even sent the old device back yet and within less than 24 hours, the new device is already malfunctioning.. It won't turn on, it won't do anything.. The UMX may suck in terms of my vision but at least, it functions — which is more than I can say for this piece of crap..

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