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Apr 23, 2019

Asseenontv.comI want to complain on one of your seller with company name asseenontv... I ordered a basketball inflatable swimming pool to this seller just last week but before I place my order I chatted them in a nice manner hoping they will ship out the right item I ordered cause I dont like anything... / Lousiest experience

Aug 29, 2017

I was so wrong not reading all the reviews about this terrible company before ordering. All the people complain about same problems. They don't confirm orders which are extremely important to do, and they are impossible to reach via any means of communication. When you call them you don't... / The status remained the same

Jun 23, 2015

I ordered shampoo and conditioner from the company I received the automated reply from the company. It even has the tracking number and order number, but when I checked the tracking number it showed that the delivery was in process. After one week I checked the tracking...

As Seen On TV / never received music cd's


After watching a TV info commercial, I went to their on-line site and place a $128 order for the complete set of music CDs (Golden Age of Country). This was near the end of November 2011. After Christmas I went to my account and sent an email asking for confirmation of when my CD'...

As Seen On TV / Lied about them


They say the wallet is nearly indestructlble i had it 10 min put some cards in it and it broke my son got to playing with it but it back togetheer and ran over it with the car and its dented up and caved in wow some wallet ill stick to my old one id also b afraid to trust anything else off...

As Seen On TV / Status or Fraud problem?


I believe I'll no longer order anything from the TV. I ordered the SideSleeper Pro. I checked the status almost every day after 3 weeks and the status never changed. After the 6th week, I was allowed to cancel my order. At the same time, I had another order in from a TV ad and sure...

As Seen On TV / Don't order from them


I have ordered Kangaroo Keeper from as seen on tv on 01/14/2011. I have not received my order from them for almost 14 days. I have called their customer service about my order on 01/24/2011 and 01/28/2011. On first call, they told me because the product was back order, it has just shipped...

As Seen On TV / Outrageous service


I ordered a Back Max 3 piece body support system on 9/25/10 and paid with my AX card, $129.99 plus shipping, total $169.90. I tried to track my order online as I could not ever get through on the phone. In the online order tracking screen under status, my order said "being packaged", for...

As Seen On TV / False advertisement


Thank goodness I never buy anything from the TV. I went to the As Seen on TV Store and bought the Yoshi Blade. The commercial shows the women just excited about the knife as they are Chopping up the vegetables etc. Well, when you read the book on the knife the first thing they say is Do...

As Seen On TV / Scam


I bought the Awsome Auger and the electric drill and extentions. The first time I tried to use it, the extention was so off ballance that it shook the drill out of my hand and in the first 30 seconds the drill started to smoke and the motor in it burned up. What Pissed me off the most, i...

As Seen On TV / Please do not buy from them!

I ordered a product from this company for christmas. When i ordered it said in stock and ready to ship. They even sent me a ups tracking number after 2 weeks and still no proress on the tracking, i called ups they informed me that they received a call and issued a number but never got the... / Comapany is a scam


I paid this website by credit card to order a x - mas gift for my daughter. I ordered using google shopping online. Shoppershalt charged my credit card but never shipped the product. I have tried contacting them since dec. 23rd, but they have not responded via email or online chat. The... / Unauthorized charges!

I never received a confirmation of my online order. After not letting me know that the item had to be backordered (although they say on their website they will let you know immediately), they charged my credit card for the item (although their website said my card wouldn't be charged...