SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews / this was canceled on the first day

Oct 13, 2019

you owe me 41.00 dollars for something I did not get, what a scam this is. you better do something or you will get sued. return my money to my account. this was canceled at the very start it was about resetting my fridge settings and you never helped me. you charged 1.00 which wa...

Just / stop contact and give me my money

Jun 24, 2019

This company has take a total of almost £60.00 all together over 3 time and did not help just stop coning people out of they money if I know what I know now they be the last one I will call because they are not the people to call give me my money again stop taking my money just give me my money... / cancelation policy

Apr 21, 2019

I asked a question on the 18th but I want to cancel the subscription but now the site won't let me sign in and there is no phone number to call to cancel. I will be so upset if I can't cancel this before my card is charged. I am with in the 7 day free trial and should not be charged any...

Just / trying to cancel

Apr 06, 2019

I found website just browsing and signed up for a free 48 hr trail paid 5 dollars. I only needed one question answered. Today I'm trying to cancel but before cancelling I asked one of the people how I cancel my membership. Now everytime I try to log in its telling me email not found or...

Just Ask / cancel membership

Apr 01, 2019

I want to cancel my trial period and membership immediately. I do not want to pay a monthly fee. I cannot afford it. Please tell me the proper way to cancel this membership. I was having trouble with my tv. I couldn't change channels. I decided to unplug the tv and plug it back in so...

Just Ask / unauthorized use of my debit card

Feb 10, 2019

order ID# [protected]-540 I asked for some help with my Samsung galaxy S7 and the assistant asked a few ?s n then stopped talking when her ran out of ideas. I then asked for another tech to help me and never even reached anyone else. Then a couple days later he asked me to finish the session. I... / unauthorized charges to my credit card for a membership that I did not sign up for

Oct 29, 2018

I contactated this web site in an attempt to contactapple. I never used anything on this website. They started by charging me $5.00, they went to $35.00, then $39.00. I immeditedly told them to stop charging me for services not used. I did get an email saying they would rememburse me for... / unauthorized credit card charge

Sep 21, 2017

I was having difficulty with my ipad and found Justask on line. Of course the tech couldn't help me so she switched me to an expert. I was told to get help it would cost 5.00 which would be refunded. No where was there any thing about and additional 25.00 charge. The "expert" helping me...

Just Ask / I got charged $ 24.00 without asking a question

Sep 15, 2017

I got on the Internet and went to Just Ask with a question about electric wiring . I was happy to pay the $5.00 . As I was wondering how to ask the question my Wi-Fi went out ( 9/14/17 ). Then I kind of forgot about it . Then I got back on the internet today (9/15/17 and went to check my... / requested professional dental advice from professional dentist dds

Jun 18, 2017

Went on Just Ask site, earlier, in order to get some advice/suggestions, about how to handle a painful dental problem, which occurred, over the weekend. Not only, did they not put me in touch, with a dentist, but, when they were unable to do that, they did not address my request, for a $22... / account

Sep 02, 2016

Used Ask for a long time now and I'm 100% sure I haven't done anything wrong, but for some reason I got blocked! No matter how many times I tried to reach Ask customer support they did not reply. I would like to hear some explanations what did I do wrong and why they blocked me... / shady website that hijacks browser, redirects searches

Feb 25, 2014

Beware of! Its a nasty, buggy site, hijacks your browser, replaces default/, rediorects searches! Read how I fixed it, permanently, with blocksite extension and join me in spreading the dirty truth about them!!! For the last week, or so, hijacked my chrome browser, ousted... / false promise to make refunds


I got amateurish answers to my questions, not polished professional-sounding answers. The offer to refund is bogus because the site makes you first commit to a battery of "do-overs" with supposed "other experts" until hopefully you will simply "accept the answer" just to get out of the... / refunds are scam and a con


JustAsk initially replied that no charges would be made against my Visa until I received an acceptable answer. There is also a stipulation in their terms that states no refunds will be made after 30 days, However, my interpretation of that is there is no charge if they found no answser... / refund


I made a good faith deposit on my credit card to this company. The answer i received did not help. I e-mailed customer support and ask for refund. They said my card would be refunded in 5-7 days. It has still not be refunded and no one will answer my e-mails. Its sad because i used this site before and was very satisfied but i will never use again. / spam


I started to register with the website so that I could try and get an important health question answered online to try and avoid scheduling a doctor's visit the following day for my infant. I had to enter all my personal information and I actually sent them my top secret, personal... / not giving answer


I have been trying to get some feedback on captcha. This is a code which was developed to prevent computerized answers to sweepstakes. The idea is that a computer cannot understand weird forms of letters and numbers. Only humans can understand. Well, I don't understand. You are... / beware of


Beware of, if you use them they may install a program on your computer that constantly redirects websites you are viewing to It seems to be a very hard program to get rid off. I have spent hours trying to figure out how to get it off my computer with no success. Some site... / unathorised charge to credit card


I decided to use the service and before accepting the information was told it would cost £10.00 but that I would get a discount for being a new memeber. I foolishly agreed and expected £9.90 to be charged to my card. My statement has come through today and I've been... / homepage petulance!


I sometimes do upgrades for people and some are not computer literate. When they use, it continues to attempt making themselves the computers home page. They don't know how to remove it and I feel too embarrassed to charge someone for 5 secs. Of configuration. These sites do thi...