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Asian Date / foreign bride service

Sep 08, 2019

Asian DateIn 2014 following being blindsided by a divorce I was in shock, knew my ex would never reconcile, and Asian Date had been sending me emails and advertisements so I took a bite. For a man in shell shock with a bruised ego, this well-designed site seemed to be a paradise. Maybe I could find... / credits

Aug 23, 2019

I agreed to buy credits so I can keep communicating with a lady. Supposedly $15 gets me 20 credits. One email takes ten credits. Next time I want to read a message from the same lady, I have to buy more credits. I have wasted half my money on credits that disappear. Except for this site to... / purchase credits

Aug 11, 2019

My debit card from BDO used to buy credits was not honored. Many times after I choose to contact a lady and purchase credits, I am told that payment was not approved. My card no. Is [protected] valid till 05/27. When I go to PayPal, they say my entries are incorrect altho I use correct...

Asian Date / fake site

Jul 21, 2019

I been on asian date 2 years spending money and I talk to same girls but after we exchanged little info. Girls desapere I think asian date it's stupid site were not allow to exchanged info by letters and they will block all info so can you contact girls like that they only care abt making... / not in contact with the customer after the appointments calls, unprofessionally service, monthly fees service is not provided by the company!

Jul 09, 2019

This site has not living up to its arrangement when I sign up! Especially when it comes to making a call to the person you want to speak too! When I place a call request to speak to the person I want to speak too. They reply back to me that they other party didn't take the call. But... /

Jun 26, 2019

So there is a cover-up within, am I wrong?, you have no idea how tough I am: if something terrible happens to Kun because cheated me, you will have a major international public relations mess: I shall make sure to unleash it. Just for some 200... /

Jun 25, 2019

I am an customer, ID [protected]. I am very frustrated because my future wife in China faces a life or death situation and I must be in constant contact with her. My problem? I am financially broke, on top of which has been unduly charging me for services it should... / phone call to a lady

Sep 11, 2018

Good day, My name is Paul from Nigeria, I place a call to a Lady on 6th of September which network was very bad, we could not even here each other very well but when i contacted customer care, they told me that they'll Contacted in the next 24hr but now my is over 120hr, coming on line... / emails

Aug 09, 2018

I have sent numerous emails trying to cancel my subscription, l have no intention of answering them so it is just a waste of time. I was told my email was invalid by customer service, if that is so how come l am still getting emails. I am not after any renumeration all l want is to cancel... /

Jun 26, 2018

Dear sir, I have make my monthly subscription payment on 22 June 2018, but my network ( [protected] - my name is Paul pua in the website) is still not activated. i don't why my handset can't receive email but i only can check my mails from my deck top computer. Its caused... / had contact with a girl but now nothing. think it is more than just a scam!

Dec 18, 2017

AsianDate.comI was communicating with a a lady by the name of Mei profile number 1342041. She stated that all her family died in China and her last living relative was her mother, who had lots of stock and shares in with the China Construction Bank as well as property and wanted to sell it all and come... / membership fees and fraudulent business practices

Nov 25, 2017

Beware of because they are scamming people by taking their money and not delivering what they say they will. They ask for your charge card in case you want to use parts of their service that require payment but they charged my credit right off the bat and I never even got to... / free chats

Sep 01, 2017

I was talking to a pretty Asian on but it ended so fast.The website only give you 3 minutes to make a connection with the females and that's not enough time.I wanted to send my email to the female but it was blocked.The website makes you have to buy credits to continue a... / Customer service

Apr 30, 2017

Please do not delete this complaint of mine or move it into another complaint of mine. There is a 23 years old girl on who is being scammed, ripped-off and conned by the people operating that website. I am so very worried and really concerned for that girl because of the total... / time thieves

Apr 28, 2017

Please do not at all delete this complaint of mine. I do have the right to express my anger, frustration, tears and cries here. I am just so very upset and really angry towards the website operators of for stealing and taken away both the non-replaceable time and... / live support

Apr 25, 2017

I have been treated as #, trash, rubbish and garbage by the website operators of for over the last 2 weeks. They have banned and not allowed me to communicate with my beloved 23 years old future wife. They have locked and blocked my dating account on their website. I can not log... / I want to cancel my subscription

Feb 09, 2017

I want to cancel my subscription and I don't want to use this terrible site any longer. AsianBeauties is absolutely terrible and full of scammers, there is no way to meet someone there. I was on AsianBeauties for over a year and did not meet anyone. There are many old profiles, people who... / No confirmation received from the site after sending replies to emails

Nov 01, 2016

Yesterday I purchase credits because I wanted to read and reply to two emails send from two ladies. After reading each email, I proceed to send my replies. The site did not send me a confirmation email for the replies. How I'm suppose to know if they were delivered if you don't even send...

AsianDate / please don't join this site!

May 10, 2016

This place is full of girls which are interested only in money! Joined AsianDate about two months ago and immediately received some messages from nice ladies. We were chatting for a while and they started to ask questions about my work, budget, monthly income and how much do I spend here... / Fraud

Mar 07, 2016

All of you guys stay away from this place! These are photographs of the models! They will never answer your questions when you ask them about their lives! They will try to get you to go on chat! Which cost do you six credits a minute! They put stupid little gestures to make sure that the... / Fake! Stay away!

Jan 22, 2016

I've wasted thousands of dollars on this site and now I feel ashamed of myself. The only way to get contact info is from a phone call and I have done many calls with "ladies". And I must say it is not cheap. But when you call they slow down their speech enough to use up all the credit... / This site is a scam.

Jan 07, 2016

It is impossible to cancel the subscription and even if you cancel the membership they will still charge your card every month! I signed up few years ago, met a girl there and thought that we well be together forever. But she was fake and when I discovered it I decided to cancel my... / Fake profiles

Dec 11, 2015

I really love Asia, so as a single person, I decided to find true love using this site. I became very close to a boy from Japan, his name was Hiroki. We used to chat every day and felt that I'm falling in love. But I also thought that there is something strange about him. Something kept... / Scam site

Aug 30, 2015

I've been recently getting invites from beautiful "photos" from this website. I have not included my photo or any bio-character-data so when they "wrote" a letter saying they like me, my character and the usual bs, I knew this is a scam site. My advice about the site... / overcharging/ no response to complaints

Oct 07, 2014

When problems arise contrary to agreement policy there is no response 90% of the time or recourse offered, particularly when it comes to overcharging. I personally have been overcharged £300, less than a year of very modest use, by AsianDating failing to: credit full amount paid for... / my experience

Aug 03, 2014

I met my wife on They were totally truthful. Their charges are realistic given their service. They maintain nice offices in good buildings in the center of the city. When I was there, I saw a continuous staff of about a dozen persons, several of whom are translators. The... / Big scam, don't register here

Apr 27, 2014

I recently found the website It was mentioned that the registration was for free, but after I filled the form and indicated my card’s number, these ### charged me for $30. Also the moderators didn’t communicate and there wasn’t any contact info. I want...

Asian Beauties / will drain your wallet


This Asian Beauties ( website requires that you purchase expensive credits. You must pay 10 credits to open/read every letter, and pay 10 credits to respond to every letter. 10 credits = about $5.00, or more! If you continue correspondence with female members, you continue... / Avoid dealing with this ppl


This Asian Beauties website requires that you purchase expensive credits. You must pay 10 credits to open/read every letter, and pay 10 credits to respond to every letter. 10 credits = about $5.00. If you continue correspondence with female members, you continue paying $5 for every... / Asian Beauties will Drain Your Wallet!


AsianBeauties.comThis Asian Beauties website requires that you purchase expensive credits. You must pay 10 credits to open/read every letter, and pay 10 credits to respond to every letter. 10 credits = about $5.00. If you continue correspondence with female members, you continue paying $5 for every... / Advertising Deception

If is just one of many East Asian dating sites, out to take advantage of Western men. Probably at least 99% of dating sites featuring East Asian women right now, are crime rings. The scam begins with the images on the ads. Yes, wait until you find out how misleading the... / fraud


Avoid the above mail order bride dating marriage services. You can read about the scam at Site Jabber, Teakdoor, Classifeied 1000 and Scambook (etc.)