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M Aug 16, 2018

We built our​ townhome from the ground up in Irving, TX with Ashton Woods and it has been nothing but a painful process. Now 2 years later we are still fighting to get our 11-month warrant claims finished. This company does not care about anything but making money, once they have your money good luck. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! It has been 3 weeks now my​ kitchen island has been torn apart and rigged up, then torn apart again with the counter on the floor.

I received a call today saying the warranty people called and text me yesterday where I supposedly canceled​ the appointment. I received no call or text, but magically they got a hold of me today to reschedule after I blew up on the warranty person that cannot do his job. The company is complete garbage, but yet people still buy just like we did because we didn't look at any reviews. We just saw a beautiful place we wanted to be our home and the construction and customer service is one of the worst possible a customer can deal with. This process is being strung out for​ so long that we are looking into taking legal actions against Ashton Woods because they do not want to fulfill​ their responsibilities. I believe they just wait for the homeowners to give up and settle but that is not going to happen when they charge a fortune for poor builds.

warrant service
warrant service

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