Ashton Woods Homes Complaints & Reviews

Ashton Woods Homes / Gelncoe subdivision

Oct 11, 2019

I closed my house on 30th November 2016. I am still struggling with my first-year warrantee. When we first moved in within couple of days, we saw cracked tiles. Water stayed on right side of the house. Tiles were repaired but within 6 months we noticed so many more tiles cracked, grout came...

Ashton Woods Homes / untruthful homes/poor customer service

Aug 14, 2019

I put a significant down payment on an Ashton Woods home in Eastmark Mesa AZ. So far everything they said would be in the home was discontinued. Even for example, a simple window in the bathroom. The studio designer, Heather Kelly is a joke to be told. After spending two of my working day...

Ashton Woods Homes / cadence - marietta, ga

Aug 06, 2019

As a homeowner I would advise to stay far away from purchasing an Ashton Woods home! They post pretty pictures on social media when in reality their homes are of inferior quality and workmanship! Attached are pictures of what your home will be like. Purchased home in April 2019 and will...

Ashton Woods Homes / poor workmanship

Feb 28, 2019

My house is due to close tomorrow and the builder, Ashton woods is forcing me to close with poor paint, drywall, and flooring issues. The superintendent advised that the exterior of the home would be repainted prior to closing due to poor quality. The day of closing the exterior had still...

Ashton Woods Home Aria / I stepped on a rusty nail under construction and my foot hurts

Feb 24, 2019

Ashton Woods Home AriaWednesday 2/20/2019 date of accident 530pm at Aria Ashton Woods 740 Abernathy Rd NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328. My phone number is [protected]. I went with my wife and daughter to check the new community for future townhome. The real state agent is Fran. As soon as I walk in with my daughter...

Ashton Woods Homes / Closing problems

Nov 02, 2018

I was to close on a home at Hamlin Reserve, FL. Wells Fargo was the closer and missed closing date. Of course, Wells Fargo and Ashton Woods blamed me. Dennis Conner told me, I was in default and would lose my $22, 000 deposit. I have to pay cash to purchase this house. Dennis Conner never...

Ashton Woods Homes / poor lot quality

Oct 28, 2018

We purchased a home last year and found out that Aston Woods brought in fill dirt to cover what was a swampy area with an underground river. Soon after moving in we saw water all around the house and began pumping it out, only to discover it was a persistent stream hitting the house. We...

Ashton Woods Homes / warrant service

Aug 16, 2018

Ashton Woods HomesWe built our​ townhome from the ground up in Irving, TX with Ashton Woods and it has been nothing but a painful process. Now 2 years later we are still fighting to get our 11-month warrant claims finished. This company does not care about anything but making money, once they have your money...

Ashton Woods Homes / the whole house is crap

Jun 04, 2018

i brought this for a little over 2 years and the house has been falling apart since day one.the inside walls r falling apart like edges, ceiling, and the outside of the house is all messed up. my brick is cracking from top to bottom and they say that they will fix it as a...

Ashton Woods Homes / water leak

May 21, 2018

Hello, I write to register my utmost displeasure at the state of things at my new house as well as the lackadaisical, attitude of your warranty office and the repair contractors that have been sent to work on the house. Even before I moved in, at the finally walk-through, I complained about the...

Ashton Woods Homes / warranty

May 18, 2018

I closed on my home in Southern Trails in April 2015. 3407 Leafstone. My house downstairs is 2525 sqft. The standard tonnage AC is 5 ton. A 3 ton unit was installed. On top of that a known defective lennox unit that was under a class action lawsuit for fault coil was installed. Well my...

Ashton Woods Homes / unethical behavior, poor workmanship, no call back, other

May 15, 2018

I am in the process of buying and Ashton Wood home (closing 24th) and found out very quickly that the team does not respond to phone calls. Property has several serious deficiencies and the sales team said they won't fix as is the standard construction in the industry. Finishes are...

Ashton Woods Homes / home purchase

Apr 08, 2018

Recently I stopped by an Ashton Woods subdivision in Smyrna Georgia. It is new construction with half the homes sold. I found a lot and home in the 9th stage of completion with a "mandatory" closing date of 30 May. Lots of pressure from salesperson to sign contract quickly due to imminent...

Ashton Woods / unethical

Mar 26, 2018

We bought a house in Johns creek GA from Ashton woods. We have numerous issues with each and every room. They either said its within the acceptable range of error and nothing was done or nobody responding and/or attending to the issues listed in house closing exception list and most of the...

Ashton Woods / new home construction

Mar 10, 2018

I am buying a home from Ashton Woods in Cary NC in Ridgefield Farms. The team I am working with has made numerous mistakes and failed to provide me with updated drawings and information. The home is still in very early stages of getting built. The concrete for the basement hasn't even been...

Ashton Woods / no insulation in attic

Feb 02, 2018

We bought our home from Ashton Woods 17 years ago. Apart from other numerous problems we have experienced with the house (leaky roof, leaking shower, to name just a few), one of the biggest problem is that the master bedroom, master bath and master closet are always very hot in summer and...

Ashton Woods / poor workmanship and unethical business practice

Sep 29, 2017

Just wanting to put this out to whomever may be thinking about building a ground up home from Ashton Wood Homes. This is what we learned: What you see may not be what you get. What you’re told may be conveniently forgotten. Take the disclaimer for gospel, even the ones they produce after they...

Ashton Woods / home building

Apr 30, 2017

I seriously cannot stand this company. Don't get sucked in and bamboozled like we did. Their "design studio" is a complete joke and you can't even go there without first putting money down and then they schedule you in. Options at the design studio were bare minimal and they...

Ashton Woods Homes / unethical company, disastrous homes

Mar 01, 2017

I would give ashton woods zero stars if I could. This review is for ashton woods as a whole, and more specifically, jillian montalvo (Who is now currently working for david weekley) , elise green, and margaret g. (Who is now working for meritage homes in harvest green). My husband and I...

Ashton Woods Homes / poor follow through after the sale limited warranty

Nov 09, 2016

Selected a stone to go on the face of our home because it was touted as maintenance free. After 3 months the stone began to crumble in the rain and iron ore is leeching out and staining the grout on our home orange. Had the company look at it. Their response? Not under warranty. We will...

Ashton Woods / home

May 20, 2016

Ashton Woods built our home without doing a soil test. Now, we have an under slab hot water leak about every three years, costing in excess of $5, 000 each time. An Ashton Woods rep told us they should have put a sleeve around all piping, but simply did not. They will not stand behind their product, and I would never recommend an Ashton Woods home

Ashton Woods Homes / unethical and con artist

Jan 13, 2016

Bought a home from Ashton Woods in Florida put a down payment after the home was build with many issues in the process, I could not qualify with the finance and Ashton decided to keep my deposit that was $30 thousand dollars. I had to hire an attorney to get a third of the deposit back and...

Ashton Woods / unethical behaviour

Jan 13, 2016

After signing a contract with Ash ton Woods in Florida and picking up the lot. We gave more than $25 thousand dollars down to Ash ton Woods in different payments. Payments were sometime lost by the sales person and we had to re-write the payments all over again. Anyway when we went to...

Ashton Woods Homes / home building

Nov 25, 2015

I would NOT recommend Ashton Woods to build your home due to our personal experience of constant delays and poor communications. If you are building in the Dallas area, I would advise that you consider other builders. I dropped Ashton Woods and hired a local builder, which I think is one of the best decisions of my life.

Ashton Woods Homes / buyers beware...

Oct 09, 2015

The initial excitement and going to the design center was cumbersome but good. The last 2 months were absolute hell. My wife and I spend every weekend going over the workmanship issues, having them correct obvious items they should have caught. We hired an independent inspector 2 week...

Ashton Woods / poor craftsmanship - stucco

Apr 12, 2015

Ashton WoodsWe live in Lakes of Windermere, a sub-division built by Ashton Woods, and have had non-stop issues with the external stucco. We certainly expected to have small issues with any builder but we have had too many large issues with AW. Our biggest problem is the stucco on the second story of...

Ashton Woods / fraud

Jan 31, 2014

This builder is obviously ethically questionable. After touring property, it was apparent the everything was overpriced and building materials were substandard. Trash was left on site and materials appeared buried in the yards and trash placed in walls. The Champions Forest location has a...

Ashton Woods / misleading

Dec 14, 2013

They built a model and put all kinds of upgrades in the model. Don''t be fooled. With the price they present you, you are not getting like the model. Not even close! The hardwood, you're not getting all of them. Just a tiny area in the kitchen, the rest is carpeted. The...

Ashton Woods / leak in brick

Oct 30, 2013

We built our home in 1999 and had a window leak and discovered the leak was a hole in the mortar on the front of our home. Ashton Woods found the leak and was supposed to have fixed it. It is leaking again and John Porizek said that they would not take care of the same problem. I have...

Ashton Woods Homes / unethical

Jul 18, 2013

Ashton Woods Homes"America's #1 Most Trusted Builder" is Ashton Woods' corporate motto and used extensively on their advertising. The builder's sales representative went on and on about their reputation and integrity during our initial meeting. Unfortunately for my family, this could not have...

Ashton Woods Home Builders / lack of support and cooperation


We moved into our Ashton Woods home in April, 2012. In the few months since we've moved in, some major concerns have come up. First, our block fence was constructed to have a section of about 8 blocks that were one step higher than all the others. It looked awful. We at first refused...

Ashton Woods Homes / poor construction


Very poor construction, skipped over some legally required portions of the inspection process by having an unseen sign-off on a block of homes in order to process faster and get them in under the bubble. Refused to work with pricing, misleading customers, did not perform correction of...

Ashton Woods / total dissatisfied


Since the beginning we had the worst experience with the mortgage company. The good faith estimates were never accurate. We wanted to give more money and it was denied. We had to wait 45 minutes after closing to get the key of our house. Also, we have to apply again and pay $400.00 for a...

Ashton Woods Homes / bad ethics, dishonest


As a former employee with Ashton Woods I can tell you that the care more about the bottom line than being green. Go to their job sites, and see all the waste.. A green builder? I think not. If they spent more time focusing on an honest product, and honest business practices they...

Ashton Woods / neglagence


Behind our neighborhood is a upcomming neighborhood houses being built the property owned and opperated by ashton woods I dont know how well thier houses are built but I do know this they didnt excavate the ground right when they first started it was a large hill and my property sits right...

Ashton Woods Homes / built poorly


Ashton Woods Homes has misrepresented their product to us and other homeowners in the Thornhill subdivision in Orlando Florida since its inception one year ago. The company advertised the neighborhood as a high-end community featuring homes with a very high level of finish. After we bought...