Ashley Furniture Homestoredelivery

J Aug 04, 2018

We purchased a couch a month ago and requested 8/10 as our delivery date as we close on our new house 8/9. Signed the paperwork and were promised 8/10. On 8/5 I get a call from Gina at the Shakopee, MN store saying she got my email to cancel my order. I never sent an email! She then proceeds to tell me that I never returned her call on 7/31 so she can't schedule delivery for 8/10 that we requested over a month ago! I told Gina and her manager Hector I'm happy to bring in my phone records because I never received a call on 7/31. Of course there's no record of the number called or time of day. Now they expect us to take an extra day off work the following week for delivery because THEY messed up. Not happening. This is terrible service and I expected better. I should've just ordered online but was trying to be nice and get Gina her commission for helping us. Big mistake!

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