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ASF Internationalgiving false billing information

After many calls and attempts on my part to make the cancellation process as complicit to the unstated and uncontracted "policies" of ASF International, I have received yet more misleading information. I was told in a phone conversation with customer service manager Danielle on Friday April 24th that I would receive an email documenting that my account has been closed and that I will not be charged for the month of May when my final payment has been processed. I was told that upon the payment being posted, I would be sent an email - I was assured that this note was in the "system" and would be carried out at the time of payment. Well, my payment has come out of my checking account and I've not received an email. Perhaps if this was the only time I was given faulty information I would not be concerned, but this is, in fact, the third time I've been given costly and misleading information regarding the closure of my account. I have done everything I have been instructed to do by ASF to close my account, I have paid unfair and uncontracted payments in an effort to simply resolve any issues. None of this has mitigated the continued charging (and even double charging) of my account, nor has it facilitated the prompt closure of my account. It is now my strong assumption that my account will be charged for the upcoming month of May, even though I have done every single thing I have been told to cancel my account.

I was told that my account was completely paid and closed by Elmer on April 21st after I paid what I was told was the full and outstanding balance due on my account. And I received notice the following day that, in fact, my account owed still more money. Part of the further outstanding balance was a double charge for the month of February. The customer service representatives confirmed on multiple occasions that my account was genuinely being charged twice for February. Two monthly payments due for one month - this was admitted openly by ASF International representatives. How double billing could possibly be considered fair or according to contract is an issue that I strongly dispute. Nothing on my contract stipulated an alteration of billing cycle upon the roll over renewal terms. I wanted to dispute this charge, and I pursued disputation of the charge the very day I was made aware of the issue. Once again: the very day I was alerted to the issue. Upon speaking with Danielle after being told that only a manager could help me, and after placing 10 calls seeking such assistance, I was told on Friday April 24th (the first opportunity I was given to speak with a manager) that investigation of such a claim would take 10 days. Thus, 10 days later my account would be considered open for the month of May and I would have to pay for May as well. So I was left with the choice of paying an unjust, and double charged, month's fee and the current month's fee to close the account, or to dispute and (at best) pay two month's fees (April and May). As the dollar amount was the same I chose to simply pay the unjust and double charged month's fee - once again, to promptly resolve any issues and eliminate any further charges. I could have understood how this could be chalked up to a simple scheduling difficulty that was not in my favor - as Danielle said it was - but, the fact that I pursued all claims, all issues, and all payments within hours of being notified makes that completely unreasonable. Every email notice I received and every phone call I received was responded to within hours of receipt. How could it be a scheduling misfortune if I was never even given the chance to challenge the payment on the very day I was told of the payment?

I consider all these practices to be seriously concerning, and it has cost the gym (your client) a customer. You have hurt your client by misrepresenting your own billing practices. I cannot be a member of a gym that uses a billing agency that cannot be trusted. After I followed all steps of the contract to close my account in a timely manner, and even after I have followed steps not outlined in the contract, but (dubiously) reported to me by your representatives, I still have no confidence in the closure of my account.

I will be reporting this exceedingly poor service to the gym I belonged to and that uses your services, and I will also be reporting a claim to the Better Business Bureau. As I have no confidence in pursuing even the meagerest means of resolution through your "customer service", these are the only options left to me. Your company has be untractable and has demonstrated no desire to work with me even on the simplest requests.


  • Kj
    KJBBrett Oct 01, 2009

    Regardless of the "validity" of the complaint, it is glaringly clear that Chris Peterson is not putting any customers first.

    In terms of customer service, sir, you have no idea what real customer service is. You are not "relating" to anyone but yourself when you speak to a customer like you do on these boards.

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  • Ch
    Chris Peterson Sep 23, 2009

    If Mr. Bero's claims are true, why would he not send a complaint to his State's Attorney General rather than continuing what he is doing? I am the party that responds to those complaints as well. We have never had any action taken against us by any one of the State's Attorney General offices. Why is that? It is because we conduct business the way it is supposed to be conducted and, typically, individuals like Mr. Bero like to complain on this type of forum because their claims are invalid. So, Mr. Bero... If you feel you have a valid complaint, please report it to your State's Attorney General. We will be required to respond to them within a specified period of time. Once we have responded, you will then be required to provide any and all proof that would support your complaint. This is the end to responding to any further rebuttal's Mr. Bero may have in this forum.

    Chris Peterson
    Customer Relations Manager
    ASF International

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  • Jo
    Josh Bero Sep 23, 2009

    I have already attempted on many occasions to show proof to ASF regarding their double charges on a one-on-one basis. That time has long past. The whole point of this board is to help other potential customers to avoid going to gyms that use your company's services. So, to simply send you proof privately won't aid the discussion one wit. Besides, like I've said, I already went round and round with ASF. All the proof was discussed and ASF continued in its underhanded billing practices.

    As for your commons sense comments: apparently common sense has actually not won over you. The common sense in a public forum is to present proofs - if challenged – TO THE PUBLIC in the forum. That's what all this is all about. That is the common sense that has escaped you. I do not misunderstand your request for proof; I (using actual common sense) find it ridiculous to give personal banking info to the public. The many instances of private and professional discourse have long past. ASF had those chances, and ignored my justified claims. So, it really is you who lack the common sense for not knowing the media in which the discussion is taking place.

    Continuing... you ask why you would lie on this public board. There is a very simple and common sense (because you are so interested in common sense) answer: to defend your job and your company. You would lie because it's your job. That's actually what I've been saying. You actually answer your own question yourself; you lie on these boards because you "feel that our corporation should have a voice." Common sense.

    As for the personal attacks: you are actually trying to feign the high ground in this, but you don't understand what a personal attack is. I have never attacked you personally. I have discussed the content of you communication and your company's underhanded billing practices. To say that the defense of your practices is a lie is not a personal attack. To say that you are lying in giving false information is not a personal attack. To further call a person who is employing lies a liar is not a personal attack. I'll give you a little logic help here: if I were to call you stupid, or say I can't trust you because you're a white guy (I don't know your race), then that would be a personal attack. I'm attacking the content of your communication, not your person, and I'm making judgments based on what you are saying, not on who you are. So, really you are trying to use perfectly direct and correct instances of engagement as leverage to make it seem like I’m being mean or unfair. All the while I’m just addressing the content of the discussion and making no ad hominem attacks.

    In the end, I still don't blame Chris. The best advice I can give to others is to avoid ASF.

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  • Ch
    Chris Peterson Sep 10, 2009

    ASF never charged Mr. Bero in the month of February. The challenge to prove that ASF did charge him meant that the proof should be sent to us directly, not to show proof on complaints board. However, I guess common sense didn't win over on that one. My statements are accurate and truthful. Why would I even put my information on this board if I was going to lie. It would be easier to ignore the complaint itself. However, with these types of forums, that cater to consumers, I feel that our corporation should have a voice and make sure that the "facts" are truly out there.

    Unlike Mr. Bero, I will not stoop to personal attacks. I will simply state the facts and let the public form it's own opinion...

    Chris Peterson
    Customer Relations Manager
    ASF International

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  • Jo
    Josh Bero Sep 09, 2009

    Chris Peterson's comments on my original comments are a complete falsehood. No letter was sent at any time. I would be more than happy to show the double charge for February. The people at ASF even admitted this. Just read how ridiculous Chris's response is. How exactly should I show my account being double charged on a public forum board?! How about I give you all my bank account numbers and let you have access to my personal records. Ridiculous. It must be really awful to have to work for a company and have as part of your job the duty to lie on public complaint boards.

    How exactly did I decide to no longer be a member before contacting ASF? You say that I have no proof for my claims. I absolutely defy you to prove that I no longer wanted to be a member before I contacted ASF. The simple reason you cannot proved it is that you HAVE to contact ASF to cancel your membership. Logically, contractually, and fundamentally, you've proved yourself a liar in your own statement. Your pathetic rhetoric of "long before he even contacted..." just continues to show how trite and inconsiderate your response is to a legitimate complaint. Everybody who wants to deal with ASF should just consider how scornful and vindictive your response is here. That's a great way to win customers pal. You have no idea how long I wanted or didn't want to be a member. You have no idea who I spoke to regarding my membership. You really have no idea what you are saying at all. I would return the challenge to you: prove anything you've said to be true.

    You say that my comment that your practices cost the gym a customer is questionable. How so?! It is exactly because of your company's underhanded billing schemes that I no longer wanted to be a member of the gym. It had nothing to do with the gym. I liked that gym, I would have stayed a member. It was ASF that made staying a member prohibitive because of their overcharging.

    I'm a very passive and considerate person, but you, Chris Peterson, are a liar. I don't blame you so much as the company you work for. It's just your job to lie for ASF. Sad really. I actually feel bad for you. You should be pitied more than despised.

    Anybody that wants to check what I've said is welcome. Email my personal email address and I'll give you scoop. [email protected]

    Josh Bero

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  • Mi
    mia3 Sep 02, 2009


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  • Ch
    Chris Peterson Jun 01, 2009

    My comment on Mr. Bero's inaccurate comments will be brief. The terms of cancellation are outlined in his agreement. Mr. Bero's membership was cancelled. He was sent a confirmation letter that same day. Mr. Bero did not pay anything beyond his March payment. Mr. Bero was never double charged in February. If he was, I would challenge him to show us all the proof.

    As for his comment that, "our practices are so concerning to him, that it cost the gym a customer", is questionable at best. Isn't Mr. Bero's complaint about what he had to do to cancel. He had already decided on no longer being a customer long before he even contacted ASF International.

    Chris Peterson
    Customer Relations Manager
    ASF International

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