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Feb - March 2019 - New Zealand. Online Fraud.

Online advert offered at a limited time special price trial offer of A$4.95, instead of the usual price. Ordered and 12 days later I received Pure Keto Premium x 60 and Pure Cleanse Premium x 30. Put them on the shelf and thought, ‘lets try them.' The package arrived 12 days after I received confirmation of order and shipping. Inside there were also two double sided sheets of print. Normally I would have looked later, but I had some time so started reading. Half way down the back side of the sheets, I read respectively;

----------------------------- Text extracted. (My notes in '()')
Pure Keto / Cleanse Premium Trail Offer Terms:
our 14-day introductory trial offer includes a 30-day supply of PURE KETO PREMIUM for just the minimal price of postage and packaging and ends 14-days from your order date. (NB. Shipping 12 days.) We dispatch the product the day after you place your order ( except orders placed on holidays or Friday­Sunday will be dispatched the following business day or Monday). You will have 14 days from your original order date to decide if PURE KETO PREMIUM is right for you. (NB 2 days) If you're enjoying the product and loving your results 14 days from the date you placed your order, do nothing. Only then will your credit card be automatically charged 1 easy payment for the trial bottle at just A$141.00 (A$138.00 (+A$4.95 already paid) for the Pure Cleanse Premium) for the bottle you received. (NB. My A$4.95 will now balloon to A$145.95. I didn't see or agree to that. I have one day to call and cancel!. SURPRISE, "….. due to the unexpectedly high volume of calls, please hold or send an email ….." Twice! Hardly surprising that there are a lot of calls!) If you're not satisfied with your PURE KETO PREMIUM offer, call customer care within your trial period at Australia +61 871303682 / New Zealand +64 98011992 (Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM, AEST) to cancel and request a Return Merchandise Authorization number with instructions to return the product, and once we receive your return you will have no further obligations and will not be charged.
To ensure that you do not run out of PURE KETO PREMIUM, starting in 45 days from your original order date of the 14-day trial offer, and every 30 days thereafter, you'll receive a new bottle. You'll be charged the Member's only discounted price of only A$136.00 (A$133.00 for Cleanse) (plus a small A$6.50 s&h fee). As a member of our PURE KETO PREMIUM Lifestyle Program, you are not obligated to continue. No hassles, no commitments. Cancel at any time! We know you're going to love this amazing product and will want to continue taking it!
Refunds on 14 Day Trial cancellations for PURE KETO PREMIUM orders cannot be issued without a RMA number and without returning the PURE KETO PREMIUM trial bottle. Please be sure to include all empty and/or unused producls. We suggest that you ship your product order back to us via any shipping service with a tracking number to ensure proper crediting or trial cancellations. (Added cost for the duped customer.) Returns must be postmarked within 7 days of receiving a RMA number in order to be valid. Please note that we cannot issue refunds for PURE KETO PREMIUM orders purchased from our auto-ship or Lifestyles Program. Subsequent automatic shipments do not carry a money back guarantee.
Being told that I would be charged a further A$279.00 for my A$4.95 Trial offer got my attention. Checking the correspondence and my online banking CC statement. I discovered that I had been charged NZ$5.30 and NZ$5.32. Apparently, I was charged for a trial of Pure Cleanse Premium as well. I don't recall if I asked for that? Also, I checked the confirmation emails, and there were two, which I thought was a double up, not noting that there were two products. And within the confirmation emails which I had ignored because of the insignificants of my NZ$5.30 purchase, I read the *IMPORTANT NOTICE* for the first time.

----------------------------- Text extracted. (My notes in '()')

Protect Yourself from Committing "Friendly Fraud" Today.
What is Friendly Fraud? The standard definition for Friendly Fraud is when a customer uses a credit card to make a purchase, and then disputes the charge with their credit card company once the item(s) are received. Consumers use friendly fraud to obtain item(s) for free. Friendly fraud can be broken into two categories; deliberate and accidental. Deliberate friendly fraud would fall under the standard definition of friendly fraud. The category that has seen a significant increase is called accidental friendly fraud and can occur when a customer doesn't realize what a charge is for.
We are committed to educating our valued customers on how they can avoid committing Friendly Fraud and having their credit card added to the Credit Card Number Blacklist.
First of all, all Pure Keto Premium charges will appear as and display our customer service phone number, . If you have any questions on any Pure Keto Premium charge contact us first, NOT YOUR BANK, and we will resolve any and all transaction issues and protect you from unknowingly committing Friendly Fraud.
This email is intended for informational purposes only. Do not reply to this email.

I read this is a threat, and ‘NOT YOUR BANK' as a huge red flag.

This Company ASENDIA SIN based in Singapore appears to be conducting the same Fraud programme with a range of products that they promote as discounted, and then charge for at inflated rates to their victims accounts.

  • Updated by MurrayNZ · Mar 18, 2019

    I had to cancel my CC, and order a new one. Then, to stay within the ethical terms of my agreement, courier the items back to Singapore. I have lost over NZ$90 on this, but at least I stopped them getting anymore than NZ$10.62 from me, which probably doesn't cover their time and costs. And if my experience and effort helps you and I hope others giving money to these thieves, that's something. They have used this same scam for other products as well, so I want to stop them wherever possible. I still want to do more if I can, Cheers...


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    Katrina Dennert Mar 18, 2019

    The same thing has happened to me, unfortunately I never read the sheet of paper until reading your post. Before doing all this I contacted my bank to report it as fraud as I have never heard of the description on my bank statement. My payment is still pending and I have authorised the bank to act on my behalf and have contacted the company after a 2 hour google search to find out what it was I was being charged for. Like you I never ordered the cleanse just the $4.95 trial.
    Can I ask what the outcome was for you?
    My card has been cancelled so they can’t take any more money but I can’t really do without the $141.00 either

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