Asendia Managementketobliss - unauthorised credit card charges

J Dec 08, 2019

On 22/8/19, I ordered a bottle of Ketobliss for $5.95 and received this product as expected. On 17/10/19, I contacted my credit card company as I had two more transactions ($144.09 on 11/09/19 and $150.22 on 11/10/19) from 'Promote Yourself First' but had not ordered or received any further products. I lodged a dispute regarding these transactions and my credit card was cancelled to prevent further unauthorised transactions.

A few weeks after lodging the dispute, I received a package containing another bottle of Ketobliss. I returned this package to the sender on 12/11/19 as I did not order them.

I have been unable to find the original advertisement on Facebook from which I ordered the Ketobliss for $5.95, I did not receive a tax invoice for it and have been unable to find any contact details for 'Promote Yourself First'. I have now checked the photo I took of the second package and it is from Asendia. I can provide the photo of this package if required.

I am requesting a full refund of $294.31 for the two unauthorised transactions on my credit card.

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