Asdadisabled not allowed to use self service checkouts


I had just pooped into my local Asda last Sunday (22/9/13) to pick up some veg for the Sunday Roast. Being disabled I used one of the store supplied electric mobility scooters, I got my shopping and proceeded to the self service checkouts with the conveyor belt, as I have done many times before. Just as I was about to place my shopping on the conveyor belt an Asda Colleague came rushing over and said that I wasn't allowed to use these till and that I had to use the Disabled Checkout! I protested and said that I've used them before, what's the problem, She just reiterated that I couldn't use them at which point she then grabbed the front basket of the scooter as to physically stop me going any further. Not wanting to cause a scene and mostly in shock that this was happening, I followed her over to the disabled checkout where she left me at a 45 degree angle to the checkout lane. I called back askin for help as I was unable to manoeuver into the lane. People where gathering around me and I asked for help to manoeuver in, the chap next to me just laughed and said, "don't worry, I know your in front of me!" The staff member that had left me in this situation just simply ignored my calls for help and left me embarrassed and humiliated! I had to drive out of the queue and round 'the block' in order to line up properly at which point, I was now 4 people back in the queue. I was fuming.

I contacted Asda and have had many a conversation with them, they don't seem to know that the Equality Act exists or the Disability Discrimination Act either! The keep on fobbing me off with a poor excuse that because some private mobility scooters don't fit in the aisles because they are too wide, this is why they stopped me! despite thee fact that I was in a store scooter that does fit, they don't seem to listen at all. It took them 4 days to even view the CCTV footage an because the staff member thinks that she's done nothing wrong, they won't do anything! Of course she's going to say that! I am completely disgusted with ASDA in Fareham about, not only what happened but also the way they have dealt, or not dealt with the issue!

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