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ASDA Complaints & Reviews

ASDA / asda ice cream cones

sharon owen on Feb 15, 2017
Hi, Just a query please. Today we purchased 2 packs of asda ice cream cones...1 pack of chocolate and hazelnut and 1 pack of strawberry. we always empty our boxes into the freezer as it gives us more space. On doing this today we discovered that you can't tell what the "flavour" of the...

ASDA / Out of date food sold in store

alex130791 on Feb 14, 2017
Hello, on 13th February 2017 I visited the asda store in Swaffham Norfolk. I purchased a 100g pack of Goji Berries (Dried fruit) from the Asda Good and Balanced range. After eating a few of them I started to think that they didnt taste right, I checked the date and it seems that the best...

ASDA / Customer service

Helen Francis on Jan 31, 2017
Asda Bedminster... what can I say. Do your staff have special training in unhelpfulness and scowling? Most of them look like they would rather be having their nails pulled out than working in Asda. Rude, surly, uncommunicative and with a permanent scowl on the face. I've had more bad...

ASDA / Airwick

Boo123123 on Jan 30, 2017
I bought a candle from you Air Wick spiced orange & cinnamon. I bought it from Blackpool Asda would like to say that I often buy these candles from Asda. I burnt my candle as I always do and as it got nearer the end something incredibly dangerous happened and the glass exploded and...

ASDA / Oil burner

Keeleylaycock on Jan 29, 2017
Hello there it is with great regret that I am having to submit this complaint to yourselves, however I need to bring it to your attention about an oil burner that was purchased from Asda. I have been using the oil burner since the 12th of January and it was brilliant no problems. On Thursday...

ASDA / Organic garlic from china

lizthornton on Jan 16, 2017
Hello, I am writing with regard to the disappointing fact that I found asda organic garlic is imported from china. I am concerned that your vegetable buyers / researchers do not know of the shocking way that garlic is cultivated in china... Both organic and unorganic varieties. There are...

ASDA / Food

Darren Biggadike on Jan 7, 2017
On the 3rd of January me and my wife went shopping on our weekly routine in Folkestone branch of asda. We bought most of our regular shopping there including seabrook crisps I was dismayed however that when I started to eat my pack today discovered the taste was not right so I looked at...

ASDA / Customer service at your peterborough store

Georgina Ferrar on Jan 2, 2017
Hello, I was shopping in your Asda store on the 29/12/16 at around 14:30PM. I usually always shop at my local Asda as I always find it very good value for money and nice customer service. Although this particular occasion I was treated quite unfairly I believe. I was using the self check...

ASDA / Wrong goods supplied in ps4 for christmas present

Ann Boyd on Dec 28, 2016
Bought PS4 online direct for sons Christmas. When box opened on Christmas day it contained set of bathroom scales instead of PS4 consol. Son absolutely devastated and thought Santa had sent this. Spoke/emailed Asda helpdesk/store/helplinemanager several times to be told "not our remit" ...

ASDA / Ignorance of all the staff

Amelia Hamilton on Dec 20, 2016
I have been to asda in strelley Nottingham on several occasions and have received poor treatment from the employees. Usually in life you find one or two people that are ignorant but in this branch they are all ignorant apart from two at the most, they never let you stand back to do your...

ASDA / Online grocery ordering

Claire Horsgood on Dec 20, 2016
In October I was given a £40 credit to my online account as you cancelled a large order with no notice. I didn't want the credit, would rather have had in store vouchers, as I wasn't intending on using online ordering again. As expected when I came to use the voucher it doesn't work! And two...

ASDA / Complaints

Philip Taggart on Dec 18, 2016
I put a complaint into aside a few weeks ago regarding price hikes and products getting smaller and all vie heard from douse is an acknowledgement email and nothing else. I think your customer service stinks. A few weeks ago use put quite a few of your prices up on goods which I consider...

ASDA / Baked beans smart price

clarestrange on Dec 14, 2016
hi i bought a tin of baked beans last week I opened them to give them to my children with their dinner last night, when I opened them and lifted the lid it was just green mould on top and a fur coat, disgusting the code is LGS the sell by date is September 2018 I have attached some photos so...

Asda Supermarkets. Knockbreck Road, Tain. Iv19 1NX / Customer service and poor quality food

brenda bourne on Dec 8, 2016
While visiting family I visited the Tain store on 5/12/2016 at approx. 14.40pm. My sister and I went to café for lunch. After ordering 2 megabrunch meals, we went to server for tea and to pay. After waiting approximately half an hour, I was finaly served. the café only had 6 other customer...

ASDA / Saver card

jcbyast on Nov 30, 2016
I tried to use my Xmas saver card in Asda Northwich store today, 30/11/2016 and was told there was no money on it, I knew I had £150 on 2 cards, I asked to try my other card and was told the same, I said that I had £150 on each card, the supervisor was called and she also said there was no...

ASDA / ASDA own brand Creamy Tomato Pasta Bake (2732 5704)

princessjen on Nov 25, 2016
To whom it may concern, I would like to make a small complaint regarding your own brand creamy tomato pasta bake. I really enjoy this product but the lids are always on far too tight. They are impossible to open and it really upsets me that I can't have this meal when I am on my own as the...

ASDA / Opticians

Lisajo1986 on Nov 23, 2016
I came to Asda opticians on 9/11/16 as a friend had recommended it having been there before. After purchasing some glasses for my child to a total of £99.00, I was told I would hear from the store within seven to ten days to collect his glasses. After waiting ten days to hear from the store...

ASDA / Remington shavour

Geraldgib on Nov 19, 2016
A bought a REMINGTON shavour out dunfermline asda store av had it 2weeks plugged it in and its tripped my electric av never used it and the shavour has never worked and it cost me £99.99 av lost my receipt tried taking it bk to the asda store a bought it from and explained what's happened and...

ASDA / Customer relations

jude99_ on Nov 15, 2016
Asda Customer relations are just terrible. I don't even understand their responses. Here is one, I quote: "Thank you for keeping in touch. For the information that you want to know, For the information the you were asking, I am sorry but we just have the further instruction which you can...

ASDA / Asda beans and sausages / asda plum tomatoes

Shanie o'meara on Nov 15, 2016
Over 2 days I've had a couple of issues. I had a ton of your beans and sausages to find only FOUR sausages which isn't what we usually get, then found only TWO plum tomatoes in a whole tin. Not once, but twice!!! Terrible value for money. I usually get more in both of these items. What'...

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