Asdaasda hgv lorry driver dangerous driving


On the 27/8/16 at around 12:20pm I was driving along the A66 flyover in Middlesbrough (which has a speed limit of 50mph) with my fiancee and our two year old son in the car and had to change to the outside lane as a car was merging onto the A66. There was an asda delivery lorry a few car lengths behind in the outside lane doing well over 50 mph who completely ignored my turn signal and made no attempt to slow down and let me complete the manoeuvre. I was forced to speed up and swerve drastically to avoid being broadsided by the merging car and rammed by the asda hgv.

Totally disgusting and irresponsible driving which endangered me, my family and the occupants of the other car. Attached is a picture with number plate of the offending vehicle which my partner took from the passenger seat.

asda hgv lorry driver dangerous driving


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