Arizona Public Service Company [APS]aps allowed open door turn off my services

D Aug 15, 2018

I received a quote to sell my home to open door, I did not accepted their offer and thought that was it, I then discovered that aps allowed open door to change the services into their name with out any contract of sale. when I contact aps to ask why they let them change billing name on an account that I had with them from 2005 they told me that any one can make changes on your account with out your consent and that they would change it back but now wanted two month deposit due to my services being turned off explained again that I did not turn off open door did and they let them, said it did not matter and would need a deposit of two months highest bill at my home . aps allows people to turn your account off because they can then get deposit and hold 1000 for a year making interested off their customers any one else would be prosecuted for fraud but not aps they can do what ever they want to you and do not care one bit about their customers, If I could use srp I would
never been so angry in all my life . made complaint to federal trade as well, If you are buying or renting home make sure you have srp and not aps worst ever

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