Arizona Medical Boarddr. ajay narwani m. d

[ was refference to Dr. Narwani by my primary care doctor. i was treated very well until Dr. Narwanis assistant started waiting on me. Diana Brady. I don't know what her problem is with me but everytime I time I go in for my appointment she tries to start a confrontation with me to keep from giving me my medication. this is a pain management center. April 17 2019 I got a call from the doctors office telling me I had an appointment to pick up my prescr[ption. I get there Diana Brady tells me she cant give me my prescription its too soon. She said come back in 2 weeks. She always promises me all the services she gonna sign me up for but everytime i come she tells me her assistant forgot to make an appointment. She came in with the results of my MRI . I said can i see it. She turned the computer around so i couldn't see it. She said theres no pictures Mary. There's just words. Isaid I know how to read. She closed the lap top. She said you got degenertive disk disease. I said why cant I see it, its mine. She refused so I let it go because I didn't want to make her mad because I need my medication. I started going to a chiropractor since I wasn't getting any help here. She got mad when I told her I was seeing a chiropractor cause i still had trouble walking without my cane. She got so mad. She said get your pain pills from him. Wer'e not a pain pill dispensory. I said thats all youv'e been doing since i've been coming here. She said tell your doctor to send me a copy of your medical record. Your insurance company need to see why you need pain pills. I said ok. I paid my chiroprators office 20 dollars to mail my medical records. The medical assistant informed me they didn't get them yet so before Diana Brady came in the room I decided to call them to see why they hadn't recieved them yet. Diana walks in I'm still on the phone with the doctors office. The receptionist asked for the fax number to make sure it was correct so I asked Diana. I could tell she was mad. She hesitated and then she gave me the number. AS soon as I hung up the phone she snspped. She said I told you to bring me the medical records in your hand. Isaid no you didn't, you told me to have my doctor fax them to you. I said i paid 25 dollars to get them to fax them to you. She said if you would have brought them in your hand we would'nt have this problem. I said i don't think thats how they do things. I said you never gave me a copy of my xray or mri in my hand. I said you wouldn' t even let me see them. She jumped up out of her chair. She said you;re a liar. I never denied you, that would be breaking the hippa law. I said i thought so, but i let it go. She said if you want a copy of your xrays, i'll give them to you. I'm dismissing you from the program. I said your'e not my doctor, you can't do that. Go get your pills from your chiroptactor. I said Dr. Narwani is my doctor, Idon't know why you keep grabbing my folder waiting on me. She has been mean and nasty to me for the last 2 months but i try to keep my mouth shut just to get my pill. Now i won't be able to get any medication for a month unless i find another pain management doctor before June 3rd when i can see Dr. Narwani. May 2 2019 is the last incident when Diana Brady kicked me out off the office. My name is Mary Mitchell [protected]. I don't know if she hates black people, or fat people ut i'm tired of it and i pray you can help.

May 04, 2019

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