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Date of Incident: 5/28/2019
My father has been going to see Dr. Kahn for approximately 5 years now. Dr. Kahn has always been great, informational, patient, kind and trusting once you get past his scheduler (front office manager). We rarely miss appointments but we did have a death in our family that resulted in a missed appointment and since then our experience with Dr, Kahns office has been difficult.

I called to apologize and reschedule the appointment and was informed he needed specific scan before they could reschedule him. I understood but needed the medical facility contact information from her. She was so rude, inconsiderate and unprofessional. When I asked to speak to someone else she put me on hold for 20 minutes. Nevertheless, I finally was able to receive the contact information. We completed the scan and I followed up with Dr. Kahns office to reschedule and again the Office Manager harassed me for missing the original appointment. She threatened me stating that there is a policy for missed appointments and warning me that my father may possibly no longer be seen at this office. When I asked to speak to someone else I was told that there was no one else. At this point, I was concerned because my father is running out of his medication that prevents him from seizing. I asked if I could speak with the doctor and I was told that the doctor don't talk to patients over the phone. Reluctantly, I asked if they received the request to refill his prescription from his primary care doctor and I was told that if they received one then it was shredded.

I understand there are policies and procedures. I am concerned for my father and other patients that may be treated like this. There is no urgency, no empathy and very ill patients.

May 28, 2019

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