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S Nov 14, 2018

A financial aid hold was put on my account which blocked my academic advisor from being able to register me for classes. However, I was never told that I had a hold on my account, nor given a reason for why that was the case. The only way that I was made aware of this, weeks later mind you, is that with the financial system being down for maintenance from 11/10-11/20/18 I received an e-mail from the school saying to contact financial aid advisors prior to the outage if anything needs to be addressed, so I reached out to financial aid counselor, Tanya, from the OC campus where my online school is based, on 11/1/18 and I told her about the e-mail I recieved and I explained that I was reaching out to her because I had financial aid due to me which should have been disbursed on 10/22/18 but I had not yet recieved it. So I expressed to her that I would like to get that resolved before the outage happened. She promptly responded and told me that my financial aid will be disbursed when I am active and that currently (11/1/18) I was not, which was news to me, because this whole time I believed that we had been on brake and that's why no classes were showing up on my online portal. So right away I reached out to my academic advisor, Javier, who explained to me that he had been unable to register me for classes because Tanya had put a financial aid hold on my account, and I explained to him that this could not be because my student balance was actually showing that Argosy owed me $15. He told me to speak to her about it and that he would also reach out to her, so I did, that same day, 11/1/18, I e-mailed her back asking her why she had put a hold on my account and why I was not informed about this as sooner. I no longer got a response from her. A few mintues later Javier called me back saying he had spoken with Tanya and that she had lifted the hold, and that he had scheduled me for classes which were to start on 11/15/18, but that he was unable to explain to me why it had been put there in the first place. This all happened on 11/1/18, and after numerous attempts to get a hold of Tanya, so that she could explain to me what had happened and how that hold was going to affect my financial aid amount and date of disbursement, she has still not reached out to me to offer me any kind of explanation. It is now 11/14/18, and I have still yet to recieve any answers or financial aid disbursements, and I am scheduled to start class tomorrow, but now, since I missed out on some courses, my account is showing much less financial aid than what it had shown in the past.

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