Aramex International / delivery to bahrain from nairobi


I am in Bahrain. I recieved a package from Nairobi from a friend containing a birthday gift. The packagr was sent via Aramex .
The content was a card in an envelope, and a dress in a shopping a bag that was wrapped nicely with a flowery wrapping paper.
When I opened the package, I saw the bag, i took it out, saw the envelope, took it out, and there was still something inside, when i checkef it was the wrapping paper tored from the upper half (see pic). the envelope of the card was also tore opened with clear cuts.
i adked the sender and he sent me a pic of the wrapped gift, the way he placed it in the aramex package. he confirmed that the card was also placed in its envelope and sealed.

Aramex International
Aramex International
Aramex International
Aramex International

May 15, 2019

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