Aramex Internationalworst customer service

M Oct 08, 2019

Good evening
I got the worst service i have ever had. I have a shipment to be delivered today october8/2019and selected the delivery timing to be 10a.m to 3 p.m .
I was waiting at home to catch my shipment and called the customer service many times no one helped me . They promised me many times some one will call me to help and tell me where is my shipment but no one call . Every time i call they telling me we can't do any thing and the operation will call you but no one even care . I just wasted my time while they don't even try to find the driver . I told them i want to complain they say we don't have way to complain and we will submit complain for you . This is the worst experience i have ever had and i think will never use Aramex service again .
Now i want my very late shipment .till now i am waiting my shipment or call from any one but as usual the want me to close the phone and promise they will call but no one care about my situation.

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