Applied Bankapplied bank card

Mo Sep 30, 2019

no 04/01/2011 received a credit card from applied bank that i made a deposit of $200.00 they added $300.00 that made the credit $500.00 the fees came out to be $250.00 that left about $250.00, I use the card at TACO BELL, about $20.00 when i received the statement bill was to high so i call applied bank and the person said their are interest+monthly fees+ . so my contact with the Federal gov. said pay them off and close the Account and thats what i did i loaded the card up at CVS and called them to CANCEL THIS CARD RETURN THE MONEY THAT BELONG TO ME .SO when I returned home in 2015 and check my credit reports their was a bill for $560.00 they never returned my $200.00 when I try to contact them thy return the mail with tape on it, I paid this off with my credit union, this stayed on my credit for over 9 years, so now i will a CIVIL RICO LAWSUIT against Applied Bank card, and their officers in their own capacity so that some one can go to PRISON . These are the same people from CROSS COUNTRY BANK ...American Greed at its best i will file this lawsuit within 15 days

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