Anytime Fitnesstraining manager at edina location


I went into this location on 10/24/2017 over my lunch break @ 2:15pm to get some information regarding memberships as I am looking to switch to a gym closer to work and home. I arrived and waited for the employee to return from Chipotle. Luckily I only had to wait 5 min. As we are talking, I explain that my current membership at another location is up and i'm interested in membership rates at this gym, to which he begins to trash talk the owner (who is a personal family friend) and they gym itself. I explain to the employee that I have been on my weightloss journey for 1.5 years and have lost 60lbs. His comment was "thats all?"... After questioning why its only 60lbs, I explained that I have been in a plataue for a few months now. The guy asks me "So how does it feel to have that stubborn fat still?" to which I responded "I think you know the answer to that question, seeing as how I am here"
He also had the audacity to say hes never understood "fat girl clothes"...
Not only am I proud of how far I've come, I am also continuing to work on my health and continued weightloss. In 1.5 years of routinely going to the gym, having personal training sessions as well as speaking with other gyms about their membership options, have I EVER felt ashamed to be at a gym inquiring about fitness information.degrading and rude and out of line. A gym that sells its memberships based on shaming potential members will not be receiving any business from me.
I hope this message finds its way back to the Manager and Employee to prevent them from making any further inconsiderate and uncalled for comments to people who are slowly learning to love themselves and work towards a healthier life.
I have been attempting to contact this location since 10 am and have called at least 25 separate times with no return call or answer at the location. I will be contacting corporate
I finally sent a facebook message to the location and got a response from the manager within minutes. While a little apology was given and a promise of speaking with the training manager was mentioned, I feel it is still am important message that needs to be heard. Fat shaming people into purchasing a gym membership is the wrong way to go.

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