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I am leaving for the USMC. I called the billing agency and they said that boot camp was not active duty even though my enlistment papers said that it was. Also the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act states that any military personnel on military business for a period of 30 days or more is considered active duty. I then contacted my local anytime fitness again. They stated that "somewhere" in my contract it was stated that boot camp wasn't considered active duty, however I was unable to find this statement on the back of my contract, nor could the manager. He then said that i would be able to contact ABC Financial again and cancel my contract.


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    USMCbeenscrewed Oct 15, 2009

    This is a copy of an email i sent to [protected]
    I am leaving for active duty in the USMC. I am going to boot camp Monday 10/19/09 and would like to cancel my contract. However the manager (Jim Goldbeck) at my local fitness center said that boot camp wasn't included in active duty. However my enlistment contract clearly stated that my first day of active duty was 10/19/09. Also the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act states that military personnel leaving for military duties for more than 30 days are considered active duty. I then contacted ABC Financial and was told that they were instructed per anytime fitness that boot camp wasnt considered active duty. They then stated that I would have to contact my local fitness center to cancel my contract. I then continued to contact Jim once again. He said that "somewhere" in my contract it stated that active duty didnt consist of boot camp, but was unable to find it in the "additional terms and conditions" on the back of the contract, as were we. Do not worry I already filed a complaint with the BBB and will be contacting my local news agency to see if they are interested in reporting on the poor customer service from your company.

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  • Check with ABC Billing to cancel early for "Relocation" and try to use the papers showing your boot camp address, etc.

    If that doesn't work, you can probably "Freeze" your account for an extended period of tim (90 days) until you finish boot camp, are permanently relocated and can provide full documentation for early cancel due to "Relocation."

    And... Take your boot camp paperwork into your club and reason with them (politely)...
    They are regular, reasonable people that are simply trying to keep a profitable business running in a terrible economy.

    You'd be surprised at how many members and how much grief the club staff deal with from people trying to figure any way out of paying their gym dues!

    Lastly... Contact Anytime Fitness Corporate to have them speak/persuade Jim Goldbeck to be reasonable.

    Thanks in advance for your service.

    Take Care!

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