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I spent a small fortune in 2000 with Andersen Windows on a new home built the same year. I just found [1/13/13] that 10 of the double hung windows in the home had rot on the inside wood-not the outside-all in the lower left corner of the lower sash. I contacted Andersen today to find out that the windows were manufactured in 1999 and therefore their warranty on the windows is only ten year-20 years on the glass- therefore there is no fix for these rotting windown other than to replace them at my cost. There seems to be a multitude of complaints ont he net about rotting Andersen windows and there is a law office out of California advertising for people to seek joing a class action lawsuit against Andersen for these windows. I have Andersen casement windows and they are not rotting and they work fine. The double hung windows are essentially junk and all in the same location. The other writings on the net indicate that the problem is how the window is constructed in allowing a water leak from the outside into the inside and therefore the rot occurring on the inside and not on the outside. The people at Andersen are polite but of no help.


  • Pa
    PaulK. Feb 06, 2013

    1. I also have approx (30) 30x76 double hung windows that have rotted top & bottom sash. They were purchased in 1989. The only thing that's holding some frames together, is it's poly coating. There has been no engineering or component changes in Andersen's 400-series windows. They have know about the rotting problem since 1995...
    2. Every window & door appears to have a bad SUN-II Low-e High Performance inner film. During certain times of the day, the window & door glazings look spotted/dirty. (There's a 20-year guarantee on the glazing.)
    3. I purchased (7) expensive Andersen doors having bright-brass hardware. The outside hardware is now tarnished dark brown. Andersen wants $1500 for new hardware. All the (21) door hinges were defective and I had to replacement them myself. Then the door's lower aluminum kick panels have started to peal.

    My house is covered with brick. So replacing the windows with another brand would require removing tons of now discontinued brick. So it appears that I'm stuck with buying more Andersen windows and replacing them every 13-15 years at a cost of approx $12, 000. This really doesn't say much for the quality of Andersen products...

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  • Wi
    Window Leak Oct 10, 2013

    I have the same problem. The wood Anderson windows I have were made in 1999 and get wet on the interior wood when it rains (it is starting to rot). I took off the "glazing bead" (I think that is the correct term) that seals the outside glass from the wood. It was wet underneath and therefore was failing. I called Anderson and they pretended to care and asked for pictures. I took the time to take pictures and email them simply to find out the were not going to do anything. They first told me it was from condensation. Then after I looked into it and figured out it was leaking from the outside they said it wasn't under warranty. My first thought when I saw the leaking glazing bead was that it was a very poor design. I'm not sure how they thought it would last. That is probably why they went with a 10 year warranty rather than 20 on the non glass components.

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  • It
    itsalwayssomething May 08, 2014

    I called Andersen to ask them to explain why I have to be careful not to put too much foam in the bottom of the double hung windows so that any rain that seeps through will go out. OUT? Out Where? the entire bottom of the window where they say
    I should leave it open and only put foam 1" into the this pace is WOOD. They are using WOOD to drain the water which may seep through? God help me. Do you think, if I paint this area you are saying is rotting, with some sort of exterior paint or sealer, this rotting can be avoided.? Sorry for your trouble. I get it.

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  • Kc
    K. Cococcia Aug 29, 2014

    Rotting wood and window deterioration on 2 of my windows. We replaced all of the windows in our house with Andersen windows thinking that they were the best quality on the market at that time. Was I wrong?

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  • Sp
    Speanburg Nov 11, 2014

    new windows less then year old every am the windows are steam and wet, what is the cause?

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  • No
    NoThankQ [user banned] Nov 11, 2014

    Shut up. Your "what is the cause" repetitive phrase is getting on my nerves.

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  • Ch
    chadkallioinen Mar 05, 2015

    I am interested in starting a class action lawsuit in Michigan against Andersen Windows. I believe they knowingly sold us faulty windows. We purchased 400 series tilt wash vinyl clad windows. All have rotted. Andersen refused to answer our calls. Finally after 8 years they final sent someone out to blame us for the windows. I cannot afford to replace the rotted windows. I have spoken to three other families in Michigan experiencing the same problem. Please help us. Call 906-203-8414 Chad

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  • Jo
    joseph kowalczyk Mar 28, 2015

    Of the 40 windows in my home I to have experienced the same rotting problem in 8 windows in 5 different rooms all double hung bottom lower left corner. We built the home in 96 moved in in 97. Local rep. no show< I guess the company has informed him don't because of the law suits. Would love to take pics and offered our situation to any suit allowing us to tag along. AS of now we will have to systematiclly replace the defective windows and carry forward, gauranteed we will not entertain offers from Andersen replacement .We will shop for locals, Pella, ect. If anyone has a suit going in Ohio let us know or if we can be party to any ongoing suit, let us know if we can legally be admitted. Thank You for your time.

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  • Jo
    joseph kowalczyk Mar 28, 2015

    8 rotting windows of 40 in the house, in lower left corner of double hung windows. 5 different rooms

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  • Mt
    mthelt Oct 28, 2015

    I have 27 Andersen double-hung, tilt windows purchased in 1992. I, too, have the problem with wood rot on the lower portion of many of the sashes. I first noticed a major problem with one sash 3 years ago. I purchased a new sash from Andersen for $180 and installed it myself. I now realize that many more of the wooden, vinyl-clad sashes are deteriorating. When replacing the first sash, I was informed by Andersen that the wood was not warrantied only the glass. I did have one window which had leaked and condensation was between the glass. Andersen readily replaced that sash at no cost to me mailing me the replacement which I installed easily. My problem now is that I simply cannot afford to replace all the rotten sashes at $180 a piece. If I go with replacement windows, I will try a different brand. I am disappointed with the performance of these windows. I thought I was buying the best.

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  • Mu
    murph357 Nov 25, 2015

    Recently purchased a home in NC with about 65 double hung Andersen 400 series tilt windows. On at least 7 of the windows, the INSIDE of the lower rail on the lower sash becomes wet after a short amount of rain. It seems to happen primarily on the right side of all the windows (from inside the house). The wood is obviously in the early stages of rot. I've contacted Andersen about the matter. They initially seemed concerned, asking me to document all the window sizes, collect the information off the window about window specifics, take pictures, and forward all the information to them. After all of that, they promptly called back to inform me that the 10 year window warranty had just expired and I was out of luck. There is no correlation with window location or room and the rotting of the window. It is totally random.

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  • Jp
    jperry_vols Feb 29, 2016

    I have Andersen Vinyl Clad windows (2002) that are rotting. It has been going on longer than even I knew about because the vinyl acts as a band aid that keeps you from seeing the wood is rotting until it finally is so bad you can't help but notice it. There are several other windows that the sash is not rotting yet, but the window seals are coming apart and bucking up. I have tried to get a rep out to look at them, but all I get is "they are over ten years old"...they were not when the problem started. Basically you pay for what is supposed to be top quality windows and you get something that falls apart. The Company does not care about its customers or product, otherwise they would see from all the same type issues that there is a defect and would fix the issues. I used to be in the construction and remodeling business and never had this kind of trouble out of "lesser" made windows.

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  • Jj
    jjhuff1234 May 11, 2016

    I have the same problem my house was built in 97 and my anderson 400 double hung windows are rotting u could stick your finger through bottom of bottom sash wood 2 windows are rotting and the others are starting to do the same thing i can see it on the inside of the windows ive complained since they were new about moisture problems anderson says my fault .As u can see ive tried to fix them doesnt work what a joke i could post pictures all day i have 16 windows in my house not all are rotting or started yet, only 10 unbelievable

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  • Mi
    miked-md Jun 13, 2019

    @jjhuff1234 My windows look exactly like these. Exactly where does the water penetrate on the outside? Is there any caulking that could possibly be done to slow or stop it? One windows is especially bad. Thanks

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  • Jf
    J. Fred Swain Oct 23, 2016

    I have 20 + windows and 2 Andersen doors (considered special as north facing) in my house. I'm sad to say these Andersen products weren't worth bringing home. These items were considered the best available. Well, that's a bunch of hype, we have rotting wood in our windows on the north side and separation of the doors exterior lamanent causing water to enter the house. I've been replacing lower sashes as I can afford...but it's time Andersen stood up for their poorly made products and give us some discounts on replacement windows and doors. I expect Andersen to stand behind your products.
    I can't believe Andersen's stand on a warranty problem. I'm also alerting everyone about this company's attitude toward their customers and warning everyone about their products.

    Andersen's products and warranty program.
    J. Fred Swain
    570 Country Estates
    Columbia N.C. 27925
    < [email protected] >

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  • Dm
    dmohr Apr 30, 2017

    I have a TK home built in north central IN in 1995 with double hung Andersen windows. Several have rot in the lower left window frames. 'They will soon be so bad as to fall apart. The lower frame rail came loose on one and another has a large chunck of rotted wood that just popped off one day. Andersen is going to be in trouble for this.

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  • I too have rotting wood behind the plastic frames in my 1987 Anderson windows of my home in Maryland. Not only that, last month I changed the siding and noticed that the some of the 2x4 studs under two windows had some rot on them, although the structure is still sound. the siding installer is convinced the problem is with the windows as there is Tyvek and a second layer of foam insulation behind the siding. I appears adding storm windows at $250 a piece and adding new sashes did not completely solve the problem. I feel strongly that Anderson should take responsibility and solve this problem for us.

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  • Na
    Nancy CS Oct 07, 2017

    i have 33 Anderson double hung windows, we just had renewal by Anderson out and the quote to replace is 2200.00 per window..i have 11 rotted sashes now and i've already repaired 2. Anderson just states it's a 10 year warranty. Is there any class action suit in Illinois?

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  • Tj
    TJT1 Jul 13, 2018

    I just finished repairing 10 anderson double hung windows purchased in 1994. Same problem. Lower wooden sash right-hand corner (from the ouside looking in) . I too called anderson and they said the warrenty has expired. I would be happy to join a lawsuit as it is obvious that I am not the only one having this problem but it has to do with a defective design. I am pretty certain that my repairs will not last.

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  • Ma
    Matthew Roetter Jul 16, 2018

    I am a class action work consultant and fenestration (window and door) expert witness. Please view my website at

    Many thanks,

    Matthew Roetter, Pres.
    Roetter Window and Door Company, Inc.
    [email protected]

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  • Kw
    KWW Maryland Sep 24, 2018

    We built our house in 1994. Nearly all of our tilt-in Anderson double-hung windows have rot in the lower left corner. The water is coming in at the bottom pivot pin in the lower sash. We have not attempted to contact Anderson as the warranty has run out, but if this is a widespread problem, I would consider joining a class-action suit. We have at least 35 windows. Email [email protected]

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  • Gr
    Greg Cobert Jun 10, 2019

    Same problem here with rotting windows. The least Andersen could do is sell us replacements at cost. I know they wont because they are just another greedy company.

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  • Ch
    charlotteann Aug 12, 2019

    We would gladly add our names to the list of complaints. Our house was built in 1999 all brick. We have actually had a representative look at our windows a couple of times. One they had no clue and two they would check into it. That has been several years now. We continue to call buy nothing happens. Hell yeah the warranties are up because although you start telling them of the problem they never respond and are without the knowledge to fix it. We have let others who are building know that they may be a good product now but you best know a representative because once they are in there gone. We have a brick home with 25 windows 2 sections with 4 casement windows each. The only thing holding the window in is the frame work. I will keep this site for any updates. Thank you so much to those who have shared there problem and aggravation. What do we need to do to get on board with the class action suit

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  • Ca
    Cadabby1900 Dec 06, 2019

    We built our house in 2003. Andersen double hung windows series 200 were installed. I now too have found that the bottom sash is rotting away after 16 years. I called Andersen and they have claimed it is the window warranty and is not covered. The window has a 20 year warranty. This should not be warrantee under the window. The glass in the double pane window is clear and the seal has not been broken. That is what should be covered under the glass warranty. The frame of the window should be covered under the 20 years. Naturally, Andersen does not agree and wants to charge me $330.75 for the lower sash. That is crazy, I can buy a lifetime window for just a little more and not have this issue. Can't win against a large company that will not stand behind its product.

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