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Could've been much better, but also could've been worse. This company does respond, but not as often as you'd expect to.
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Ancient Mariner Exteriors Inc. / awning and sign

Sep 24, 2019

We signed a contract with Ancient Mariner Awnings & Signs Ltd (BC1172160) to remove the existing awning and sign from our business, to paint the building and to install a new awning and a new sign. We signed the contract February 6, 2019 and gave them a 50% deposit to do the work. As of...

Ancient Mariner Group of Companies / unpaid debt

Dec 03, 2015

Ken Meiklejohn hired our company to serve and file provincial court legal documents for him in the beginning of October. After being asked for a company credit card numerous times (as is usual practice), Mr. Meiklejohn promised that a company cheque would be in the mail at the end of...

[Resolved] Ancient Mariner Group of Companies / payment of contractors

Aug 28, 2013

Ken Meiklejohn, is President and CEO of the Ancient Mariner Group of Companies which include Ancient Mariner Sign Services, Ancient Mariner Exteriors, Ancient Mariner Retail Stores, Ancient Mariner Industries, Spectacular Sign Services, Spectacular Acquisitions. The Ancient Mariner Group...