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Unbelievable. I called this number on craigslist, knowing that it was too good to be true. But, what the hell. Right? WRONG!!! They advertised $700/month mortgage take-overs on pre-foreclosed houses. I figured that with the economy, anything is possible. The guy on the phone explained that I put $199 as a down payment and a no credit check (which doesn't matter b/c I have great credit, but not a lot of money to put down). So, I figured it was a good deal. I asked where I could view the list and he asked me "what credit line do you usually use?" I said Visa. He said "what's your expiration date on the card?" I replied, "why do you need my credit card information?" First Red Flag. He said "you need to put the $199 down now, but you get a full refund if you don't purchase a house. We will send you a list of houses to your email." He told me that all I had to do was call customer service if I didn't find anything and they would refund my money immediately, and they would honor that refund for up to one year. I asked him where I could find that information in writing and he said it would be sent in the email after I gave him my credit card number. Second Red Flag. I immediately looked up the Terms and Conditions on the website and about 1/2 way down I found where it said that in order to get a refund (which they only honor for ninety days) you had to send certified mail to Anchor House Financial with at least 5 denial letters from homeowners. Third Red Flag. I immediately read out loud to the guy what I found on the website, explaining that it was totally different from what he told me and he said "I don't know, that's just what they told me to read in the script." Are you kidding me? I laughed and said, "you realize that you're ripping people off, right?" And then he hung up on me. How do these people sleep at night? If I had $199 dollars to flush down the toilet I wouldn't be looking online for foreclosed houses. Like I said. Unbelievable.


  • Pa
    PAUL Oct 11, 2008

    Look out for Anchor House Financial

    They take $199.00 for access to their web site for preforclosed homes with the promise of THOUSADS of homes listed with pictures & balences of mortgages as well as phone # of current homeowner and mortgage company. I was also told that the $199.00 was refundable.
    End result = website listed two properties without any pictures or info for the entire state!
    Next state over listed = 0 properties
    I call back and am told the policy for returns is (Impossable to attain)

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  • Br
    Brian Oct 12, 2008

    Our apologies that there wasn't home available in your area. If your looking for a specific city, state, zip code, etc. all you do is contact customer support. They will complete a custom search for your area and any area that your looking for. Were happy to help you. A simple phone call would have solved your issue. Also the fee that you paid is still fully refundable. Were not here to take peoples money, were doing our best to assist you in getting into a home. Contact Customer Support ASAP!

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  • Mk
    mk12!! May 14, 2018

    @Brian How does one contact customer support?

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  • Ly
    Ly Berry Oct 17, 2008

    Looking into purchasing a home. Found them on with the intent to get more information on a particular house listed. Gentlemen who answered the line said I had to pay a one time fee of $199 to handle title and what not and if I could not get would get the money back. Contacted customer service to further get information and was promised to get emailed detailed information but to date have not received it.

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  • Ti
    Tim Ryan Oct 18, 2008

    Reading the comment above...I'd like to try the suggestion made to Brian. Customer support...could I please be informed of the listings in or around Spokane Wa. or Coeur d 'Alene Id.? Thank you very much! I'd be happy to invest in your services as long as I'm assured there are some worthwhile opportunities in this area. Tim

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  • Ka
    Kayla Oct 25, 2008


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  • Ch
    chris Oct 29, 2008

    i cussed these idiots out and they threatened to put me in federal prison

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  • Te
    teena Nov 04, 2008

    i saw ad on the craigslist and thought what do i have to lose. well i called the 877 number and a guy answered. i started asking some questions and he did not like that and hung up on me. for those of you who come across this add, it is a scam

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  • De
    debra jenkins Nov 04, 2008

    The same thing happen to my, I was on criaglist and came across the add, when the guy told me that's all I had to do was pay 199.00 and take over the payments which was 932.00, I ask him the name of his company and he became very upset with me and called me mam.

    So I decided to look up the name he give me and look what I found. Scam Scam Scam, there are others on Craiglist be careful.

    I am going to contact Craiglist and report them.

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  • De
    debra jenkins Nov 04, 2008


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  • Ma
    Maritess Almosa Nov 06, 2008

    I have no comment...

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  • Ma
    Maritess Almosa Nov 06, 2008

    no comment..

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  • Ca
    Catherine Nov 10, 2008

    I too saw their ad on Craigs list, called the 877 # go tthe same speel. He kept pressuring me to give him my credit card info "to get you started". I told him I didn't feel comfortable giving my info. out to someone I didn't know about. He said " It's only $199.99. It's not like your buying a ______." I forget what his compared it to a mercedes or something. But I told him I'd have to talk to my husband first. He then gave me the web address & said all I'd have to do is give him my info to charge $199.00 & I'd get all the housing info.
    I have just e-mailed them asking if they are licensed by the California Department of Real Estate. Let's see what they say to that!
    This is SHADY SHADY SHADY. Smells like a "too good to be true "SCAM!!!

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  • Mi
    Michelle King Nov 10, 2008

    I saw the ad on craigs list of a home with a take over payment option the charged $199 to my credit card and have gotton no further information on houses I am very angry I want to find out how I can get my money back.


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  • Jd
    jdv Nov 10, 2008

    thank u so much for the info. i thank god i research it first before trying to commit to them..

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  • Sa
    Sam Sawyer Nov 12, 2008

    I just called the phone number also and got a speal of nobody does anything for free and I said I was interested in seeing a property that they listed and he said I would have to pay the money first to get the addresses of thier property's. I said I was only interested in the one and didn't want to shell out $200 to see if I even have an interest in it.

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  • Pg
    PGS Nov 26, 2008

    I am really glad i read this first, and I am sorry all of you had to deal with untruthful, people. There are people out there that need homes, and this is not fair to the public, if this happening, I will do my own home search on my own.

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  • Ja
    Jackie M Nov 28, 2008

    I just saw the same ad on Craigslist and yeah, the guy got really short and hung up when I wanted to wait and not just give some stranger my credit card number. Something just felt wrong. Thanks for being there guys cause if I didn't find info to support my feeling that something wasn't right I'm sure I'd be out of $199.00 right now. I think it's best that we not only post but that we all complain to the source where the ad was located like Debra Jenkins said that she was going to do.

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  • Ju
    julie Nov 30, 2008

    I too found the ad on craigslist. surprisingly the lady was very nice and patient. in desperation, i forked over my credit card info with hopes. i was so naive to be fooled by the representative's caring voice. I made the mistake and did not research this company. my husband was upset that i didnt consult him of this decision. i then came to my senses to google it right after the phone call. and what do i see? SCAM SCAM SCAM. i realized the mistake i made and called back immediately to the customer care to cancel since I did not consult my husband about this. another representative told me that someone will call me back. never received a call. and never received any email as discussed when signing up for this service. i just wasnt my money back. i never even logged on to their site since I DO NOT have their site info that there were supposed to email me. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY

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  • Ke
    Ken Williams Nov 30, 2008

    I called the number listed on craigslist for anchor house finance, and proceeded to ask how the program worked. The guy asked me for the number to my credit card without asking what my name was. When I called him on it, he got antsy and impatient. The only thing he was concerned about was gettiing my bank info. When I refuesed to give him my bank info he tried to get short and hang up. I told him that his attitude was unprofessional and he really got steamed then hung up. BEWARE OF THESE WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING. DO NOT GET DUPPED INTO THERE BULLCRAP.

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  • Jo
    Joyce Randall Dec 27, 2008

    I praise God for this site. I called the number for Anchor House Financial on craigslist and almost got scammed. These scammers need to be shut down. Why are they still in operation? Why are they being allowed to continue to scam people who are already in bad situations? I spoke with ayoung scammer and he was very very polite. I wiggled my way off the phone and typed in the name of their company in my browser. How come the word fraud is a key phrase in all complaints? These people should be ashamed of themselves. Do not give them your hard earned money. They are shameful.

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  • An
    Anniexxx Jan 06, 2009

    I came across their ad on the craigslist and gave them a call. The lady on the line said all you have to do is pay 199.00 to "sign up" yadiyadiya. It just seemed to good to be true so I asked how would I know if they were a scam or not and she gave me their website. Once I started asking questions she became uncomfortable and tried to rush me off the phone.

    I googled the company name and bamn!!! They're nothing but scammers. I read these comments and it just ticks me off. I called back and the "same" lady answered. Usually a company posing to be a large corporation wouldn't have the same person answer the phone. And I called her a scammer. She cussed me out. I hung up. She even called me back and continued to cuss me out. Stay away from them!! She even tried to tell me that she was part of the BBB.

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  • La
    LadyE52 Jan 22, 2009



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  • Ja
    Jack Jan 28, 2009

    Any one that has been scammed by them should scam them back by posting thier username and password on craigslist and where ever else they advertise as well. Thats what I would do

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  • Ch
    CHOICE Jan 30, 2009

    This is the same crap I got a few minutes ago with ANCHOR HOUSE FINANCIAL. I saw the ad on craigslist as well and was interested, so I called. The first thing I got was a women asking me for my credit card info. I told her I had to discuss with my husband first. I hung up and called again and got the same lady, (Weird). I knew right then it was a scam. There is also a company by the name of NEW LINE EQUITY that I did my research on. They are also posted on craigslist talking about the same thing but they ask for 40 bucks. I reversed their address and got a different number of an elderly women whom I called. She knows nothing about it. She is a resident of S.F. in a residential area. If it was a big business it wouldn't be in a residential area. Then I reversed the number 415-682-4237 they had posted and it was listed under some guy name Wayne Clerkin. I got no result on the 877-818-0717 nor the 866-900-9684 number.THIS IS A HOAX!!! I feel remorse to those who lost out on their money. Im glad I didn't buy into their SCAM!!! Be advised to do your research first.


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  • De
    DeeLW Feb 01, 2009

    I found ads on craigslist as well that had different phone numbers listed- all of which led me to anchor house, and all requiring a $199 fee. I talked to two different people, and both hung up on me when I told them I needed to speak with my boyfriend first before paying anything. These guys should be ashamed to do this to people. It is total BS.

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  • Ch
    C.Higby Feb 01, 2009

    I called Anchor-house financial today and knew right away that they were a scam. I asked the guy that took my call “who would hold the deed during this “rent to own” program if I was to become a “rent to owner.” He told me that without any money down and with no credit check I would be holding the deed. I asked him how this would be possible as a bank always want to approve the transfer of the deed from one person to another. there is no way the bank would allow the deed to transfer without doing a credit check and getting all kinds of paperwork on the new person who would be holding the deed. This new person (like myself) would have to be approved by the bank in order to hold the deed. Plus….if the House went into foreclosure the mortgage was foreclosed on and now the Bank holds the deed. He told me that it would’nt be a problem and that in fact, the Banks were the ones that set this program up…..he then insisted that I go to their website where all my questions could be answered. He obviously had no real estate knowledge or training at all. The are a through and through SCAM!!! Yeah…banks are just giving properties that have gone into foreclosure to anybody who wants them…sure………………….Do not give these people a dime!!!

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  • Sk
    skamkiller Feb 01, 2009

    A reporter named Robert Eringer did an expose of Anchor House:

    Anchor House bills itself as "pre-foreclosure experts" and purports to identify home foreclosure bargains for real-estate investors.
    Punters are instructed to purchase their "Book Package" for $199 -- credit card details eased out of you and speedily processed, no refunds.

    "They never sent me paperwork they said I would receive in 5-7 business days, " wrote Alysia W. of San Jose, "so I contacted them and they gave me a number to another business, which gave me these services for free."

    Not the kind of testimonial these alleged fraudsters post on their Web sites to lure prey.

    Anchor House's mail drop in Montecito connects to Susan Quinn, who bills herself on the Internet as a Santa Barbara-area "Owner at MQ SQ Productions" -- which may exist only in her criminal mind. Ms. Quinn also claims to have majored at Santa Monica College in business marketing, though what she practices is business bilking...

    The Investigator telephoned Anchor House Financial at its toll-free number, (866) 900-9684. A female answered, but refused to identity the owner, manager, or any personnel in what she pretended was a vast empire with multiple departments.

    In reality, it is just a telephone, a desk and a credit-card processor. Nor would "Michelle" confirm that Anchor House connects to Susan Quinn, even though Ms. Quinn connects herself to Anchor House on (This means they're not only crooked, but also stupid.)

    The Investigator offered Anchor House the opportunity to demonstrate that their scheme is genuine. They did not call back.

    (end quote)

    They also use the phone numbers:
    877-712-4464 877-818-0717 800-278-3041 800-260-0295 800-587-6522

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  • Du
    dukemika Feb 01, 2009

    My husband gave them our credit card info but luckily they refunded us the money back onto out account. The guy is scheduled to call us back tommorow and boy do I have some words for him. Something told me to google and check out this company and now I know. Now I am just worried b/c they have our credit card info but I will be calling the bank first thing in the morning to have that card cancelled. Thanks for the info...

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  • Je
    Jesika Feb 05, 2009

    Completely agree, they scammed me last week and now I can't even find them on the internet. I called my credit card company and they have their bank information. I am disputing the charge and doubt that the "merchants" will try to fight me since they are a hoax. I wish there was some legal way to make these ### pay.

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  • Mi
    Michelle dawn Murphy Feb 05, 2009

    I knew this was too good to be true!!! I saw this add on craigslist and I thought this was the house of my dreams so I called the number and did everything he asked but I thought he said $1.99.. how stupid can I get.. I don't even have that in my bank right now! I have the $1.99 but not the other... why do people do this to people.. I'm planning a wedding for August I don't need this crap! I'm so pissed off I could scream... damn scammers! They should all be sent to prison for the rest of there lives! I just wish I knew about this before I did it! I'm so stupid!

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  • Tr
    Travisberkley Feb 08, 2009

    I registered with these people last month, they have a great customer support departement and they are very up front about the fee. I don't understand what people are complaining about, you don't stride into a mcdonalds and when you are asked to pay report it as a fraud. Of course there is a physical impossibility of seeing the product before paying because you are on a telephone, but let me tell you what happened for me:

    I called, the operater, Ed, answered, spoke with me for about five minutes, was VERY clear about the 199, took me to the website to show me they are real, which I've found to be more than true, I worked with they're customer service dept, they handled my title searches, and now I'm in the process of buying my second home with the assistance of these people. They have a very liberal refund policy, use the program for 90 days, and if you recieve five letters of denial your fee is totally refundable. What is so hard to understand about that? This is a legitamite business and I'd recomend it to anybody looking for a home, if you don't have 199 to invest in your possibilities of buying a home, you have no business looking for one!

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  • I too came across an ad on craigslist ( that was this similar scam with the number 866-945-8930. Flagged their posts. Don't get suckered in guys!

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  • Co
    Cosmosis Feb 09, 2009

    Well, i did give them my money. So far so good but its only been a week. So has anyone really given them money and not got a place. It seems as if everyone is making assumptions and not actually found out first hand. My mom knows someone who has actually got a house from using this website. If anyone has a REAL experience with these people instead of phone conversations post a comment on here-good or bad-so i can make a move. Thanks

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  • Fi
    fiestyredhead Feb 10, 2009

    I'm not so sure at all I found a condo that looked great on craigslist called and spoke with Benjamin owens, he gave me his full name after I said I'd have to call him back after i got my income taxes but "tell me more" he too tried to get $199.00 out of me and said it was for processing fees/ closing fees. I also asked if these houses are in foreclosure whats to say the owners won't figure out how to bail themselves out and my family and i are booted out and out the money he said the house would be deeded into our name and we would be on the mortgage. NO CREDIT CHECK? No bank is going to put a mortgage in your name without a credit check. and not for only$199.00 and no down payment. I'm not sure this is a real good idea and then after reading these i know it's not. Thanks, I'll pass.

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  • Do
    Dotty Feb 11, 2009

    I called the 877 number too just to get the name of the Company and google it. I am glad I did because something told me this is too good to be true.

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  • Supermom19 Feb 16, 2009

    Definately do not give money to this company. They will not answer your phone calls. NO SUPPORT whatsoever. They are a scam. I am investigating them now and see if I can do something. My cousin is an attorney and hes checking them out right now. They are not going to get away with it this time. Not with me. Thats all I can tell you all to leave these guys alone.

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  • Ha
    hasani Feb 16, 2009

    Im so glad i researched this first. I too found the ad on craigslist and the same woman answered when i called the number twice. Its a shame people will scam like this, awful. Always research first, it sounded too good to be true, and it was.

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  • Re
    Ree Feb 16, 2009

    i am so glad i read this add, i called a few times and i had to leave a message, im glad i never spoke ot hem. How can people take other people for granted like this, especially wehn there is so many people going through this.

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  • Ib
    ibfran Feb 17, 2009

    I have a different complaint. Had someone knock on my door about three weeks ago - they said that my address was on the list of homes being foreclosed on - the list was provided by Anchor house Financial... I couldn't reach anyone by phone so i sent an email and got no response back. Two days ago i received a letter (return address in low income area of my city) implying that I was behind on my payments and that i should contact them for help working thru my financial problems. I have lived in my home for 5 years and have NEVER been late or missed a payment... the letter was signed by Keir Shine with Anchor house financial -- I called the number. Steve answered and said that the address must have been put on there in error (even though he said they get their info straight from mortgage companies) and it would be removed right away. I have no way of knowing whether this was done...argh!

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  • Sk
    skamkiller Feb 21, 2009

    This was posted on the Allentown craigslist:

    "I called the phone number on a post, in response to a complaint about it, to find out for myself. The complainant says they want to sell you a list of homes, but was uncomfortable to give account info, and was hung up on. NEVER give your bank account info or credit card info to people you aren't familiar with. I called, and when I identified myself as a Realtor, I was also hung up on. I called back twice, and each time I identified myself, was hung up on again. The phone number on their post is 866-945-8930. I don't know if they're trying to steal account info, or just jerks.
    "If you want to find a rental, call your local real estate office. Realtors can help you with a search, show you the properties, and guide you. The owner's pay our fees, not the renter.
    People, be careful out there, there are loads of scammers!
    Bonnie Smith, Century 21..."

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