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Anchor House Financial Customer Service


Anchor House Financial

5662 Calle Real, Suite #207, Gaviota
Santa Barbara
United States - 93117

Customer Support Phone Numbers

Mon8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Business Management
Mr. Michael Davenport, Partner

Contact Information
Principal: Mr. Michael Davenport, Partner

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Anchor House Financial Complaints & Reviews

Anchor House Financial / refund not received

Deondra C on Nov 23, 2018

After a payment of two hundred ninety nine dollars being made to receive the company services to help me locate a house anywhere in the country. Within the printed privacy policy it was also stated to an agreement with a refund if there was not a home found with the company. I had to...

Anchor House Financial / service

Tana Dunifon Miller on Apr 16, 2018

Called because I saw they could help with getting a house. Cost 199.00 well we never got a house but they sure did take our money. When asked for a refund you had to do all this stuff just to get your money back. Well u took my 199.00 and I want my REFUND you say is fully refundable. You...

Anchor House Financial / Pre-foreclosure properties

kwjwrites on Jan 6, 2017

I was going through a divorce and my credit was trashed. This company promised me that I could find a pre-foreclosure property for little or no money down and very small payments. I signed up, followed all the instructions, and four months later had no response at all. I called customer...

Anchor House Financial / Rent-to-own homes

Charles Perry on Aug 20, 2016

This. Company ran a ad on craiglists June2015 that read Rent to own the home of your dream no money down or as low as $700.00 a month for your house payment then when you call them they will tell you its a one time fee to get you start on looking for your home, and that fee is $199.00 then...

Anchor House Financial / House search

dgbrown8 on Aug 18, 2016

I was looking for a home in Tennessee as we were moving from Ohio. Gave them my credit card. They charged $199 to my card and gave me addresses of homes. Made a trip to Tennessee and found out that all the homes still had occupants that were in the midst of forclosures and it was up to me...

Anchor House Financial / Housing

Kimberly Castillo on May 27, 2016

Yes just about an hour ago same thing been a customer since 9/20/2015 and just today after sending out 32 letters received no response. They keep saying there is nothing they can do and my service will be canceled in September with no refund even though I have contentiously been calling...

Anchor House Financial / The are a scam

Teena Dannels on Apr 2, 2016

Found their add in local websites for rental properties. We called and got an agent named Paula she was on speaker phone and proceeded to tell us how it took less then 30 days to get a house. That they did all the leg work, they contacted the home owners from a list we gave them, set up...

Anchor House Financial / Home listing

company lies on Mar 22, 2016

122140 11/14/2015 1:27:22 PM i got this product i should have known i will join any one that wishes to be apart of class action suite. i am in new york states . • I thought our state would do something about guys like this but I guess I was wrong. Sometimes I think I am the only one trying...

Anchor House Financial / Refunds are not easy to obtain if you pay your money... Beware!

ShirleyHP on Feb 11, 2016

This company is a fast talking scam. I was told by someone that it's no risk because there is a 100% refund if the services does not work out for me. I called to cancel because obviously it didn't work out. People were not interested in handing their homes over that easily. I...

Anchor House Financial / F###### Rippoff

Ray Rigby on Feb 9, 2016

My daughter and I are homeless and have been trying for the best of a year to find a place. Seen anchor house financial on Craig's list and I called talked with this nice lady. I was hesitant about giving them money but she assured me that there was nothing to worry about that if I wasn't...

Anchor House Financial / House finding services

Reviewer94319 on Jan 31, 2016

Wow this company is a JOKE!!! My parents wanted to sign up for their services because they were looking for a home. They found their services on craigslist and thought this was too good to be true. So my dad spoke with a gentlemen buy the name of Michael who had also given my dad his cell...

Anchor House Financial / Real estate scam

cateyes53 on Jan 16, 2016

Really, how do you people sleep at night? We are a couple in our mid sixty's and have been robbed by people we have helped. Seen your ad on craigslist and we both thought maybe this could be our lucky break, but of course we didn't you went ahead and stole our $199 . Now we just wanted to...

Anchor House Financial / Company uses switch-and-bait tactics to swindle $199

Reviewer95187 on Jan 10, 2016

Like others, I called a number on Craigslist about a home. I asked A LOT of quetions, and even called the guy - Shawn Banes Agent #2402 numerous times to see if the answers would be any different. I was calling his cell phone directly. He answered the phone regardless of day or time and...

Anchor House Financial / Fraud Company !

waelcazzam on Dec 7, 2015

I spoke with a Guy. I explained to him that I was looking for a home in the area of Ventura Sherman Oaks .He explained to me that there were 250 listings within. After paying the 199$ dollars I was able to use their search engine. Also they stated to send as many letters as possible to...

Anchor House Financial / $199 fee not refunded

Zac101191 on Oct 8, 2015

They made it sound awesome and a good deal on the phone. Then after I paid I started doing more digging and found out that it's a big scam they said they can refund me my money until 90 days even though I just made the transaction within two hours of me calling back. They were rude. So now...

Anchor House Financial / Unethical behaviour - stay-away

RoChelle Handon Crockett on Sep 19, 2015

Thank God for the internet... 9/19/15 - location: Bowie, MD. I responded to an add on Craigslist. Of course it was too good be true... So yes, I called. After 2 minutes. I was being asked for my credit card information. HALT wait a min. No can do... I need more information on the company. I wa...

Anchor House Financial / Rude & Unprofessional

Reviewer16254 on Sep 8, 2015

I called on 4 different places I saw advertised on Craigslist and each number I reached the same place of business. Though they do not answer the phone Anchor House Financial. I had to ask several times what company I was calling before I was finally told. Olivia hung up on me when I she...

Anchor House Financial / Fraud Company !!

Reviewer67885 on Aug 16, 2015

I was looking for a apartment, i saw this company ad in craigslist. i called the number, a guy picked up the phone and started saying that the company has many list of cheap houses, that are just lying there unnoticed and you can have a 3d view of every houses, and he started taking about $199...

Anchor House Financial / deceived and lied to and never got a response from any homeowner

Eric Lawson on Aug 8, 2015

I spoke with a woman named Erica. I explained to her that I was looking for a home in the Lowell, MI zipcode 49331 area to keep children in the same school district. She explained to me that there were 13 listings within. After paying the 250 dollars I was able to use their search engine...

Anchor House Financial / Rude Housing Coordinators

Lance Fischer on Jul 26, 2015

My biggest complaint was their RUDE housing coordinators. I called several times, and finally got a nice person to speak with. I did use their services to help me find pre-forclosed properties, and I DID get into a house after I did all the footwork. It took me 5 weeks. But when I signed...